‘Wen-am-I-leaving?’ … Has Gone!

The Waverley Web  wishes Paul Wenham a fond farewell and we bet the next CEO won’t provide  us with half so much fun.  What does anyone do with a name like Tom Horwood, the name of the new CEO?


Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 09.52.48.png
‘Farewell my friend “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”
― William Shakespeare,

SHE SAID:  Leader Julia Potts: – ‘I would like to think Paul for his work and commitment to Waverley over the past 16 years. Despite the significant achievements of the council over this period  we still face some very big challenges and we both agree  that a fresh perspective is needed to take the council forward.’

HE SAID: CEO Paul Wenham:“With the proposed budget and transformation plans highlighted in the Strategic Review we feel that it is now time to “pass on the baton” something I have mutually agreed with the Leader.”

WWeb Said:   ‘Don’t mention the Fraud.’ Don’t mention not mentioning the fraud – before the last borough election.’ Don’t mention East Street/Blightwells or asset grabbing: – Farnham’s Memorial Hall and recreation grounds, dumping the Gostrey Centre and other valuable assets into developer’s hands. Don’t mention a series of  Daft Local Plans, the Votes of No Confidence on his watch from Farnham and Cranleigh! The demise of ‘Age Concern,’ and other charities, or the mounting lack of trust between councillors and staff. But … more  important a diminution of democracy! – Allowing councillors and officers  to MEET AND MAKE DECISIONS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS SHUTTING OUT THE VERY PEOPLE – WHO PAY YOUR WAGES/PENSION!

Has Wen-Am-I-Leaving… Gone. Or just gone missing? It’s official – he’s GONE!

Aunty Elsie has been seen running around Waverley Towers bonnet in hand collecting the dosh for ‘Wen-Am-I-Leaving’s’ –  present. Perhaps, a cruise that his friends and colleagues have bought him to Busan where a new Korea awaits him. 

The Executive Director and Head of Paid Services Paul Wenham has finally, yes finally, achieved his heart’s desire – to spend more time…. with his final salary pension pot and his golden goodbye?




2 thoughts on “‘Wen-am-I-leaving?’ … Has Gone!”

  1. Heart broken; who can I complain to now and be sure that the complaint will be unfounded and advised to go to that other ever reliable source of disappointment – The Local Government Ombudsman.

  2. It really is shame that one must adopt an almost warrior like mentality to complain, or get information out of local government, but history has shown that those with power are eager to hold onto it, and the main way of maintaining power is to restrict access to information. As for The Local Government Ombudsman – as you say in a word – another disappointment. Let’s hope Waverley’s new broom will sweep it clean?

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