Blue asbestos in the water supply pipes in the East of Waverley? Could it be further afield too?

 Jesus, Mary and Joseph – what is going to hit the fan next in the area dubbed ‘poor old’ Waverley East.’

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Every time our team here at the Waverley Web say nothing more can surprise us – along comes something else to surprise us!

However, in this instance, we are going to let the bearer of bad tidings, which could affect the safety of drinking water in  parts of our borough that are already under siege from developers –  tell it in his own words in the video featured below.

If the Cranleigh Civic Society, an  organisation that has demonstrated shown     responsibility,  effectiveness  and is generally admired for speaking up for Cranleigh and its satellite villages, is right… then we need to …screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-12-52-19

Because if Thames Water’s  findings  are correct  the Eastern villages could be facing serious health and safety hazards  in the drinking water supply from blue asbestos shards that can pierce the membranes in the gastro intestinal tract

Here is a video of Adrian Clarke of the Cranleigh Civic Society objecting  to proposals to build any new homes in Alfold at a meeting of Waverley’s joint Planning Committee on Monday.  

He warned the committee if it granted planning permission – (the application was featured in a post on the Waverley Web earlier this week) – it would be a reportable offence and  would be sent  to the Health and Safety Executive.

Here is Chairman Peter Isherwood’s (Con Hindhead)  flippant  quip  at the end of the meeting. Let’s hope his facetious comment on such a serious issue, particularly after voting in favour of the Alfold application,  regardless of the earlier revelation, is received by the residents of Waverley with the contempt it deserves. Two applications in Alfold were refused and one for 10 homes on the Wyevale Garden Centre was allowed. Alfold Parish Council objected to them all.

A public Meeting called by The CCS and MP Anne Milton will take place in Cranleigh on 24 July where The Drinking Water Inspectorate; Thames Water; the Environment Agency; and  Waverley Borough Council  will be in attendance. More details later.



5 thoughts on “Blue asbestos in the water supply pipes in the East of Waverley? Could it be further afield too?”

  1. You were right; makes my sharps bin pale into insignificance. I am off to try and research more about blue asbestos in drinking water pipes as my knowledge is limited to its use as an insulation product.

  2. Why is this man allowed to chair such an important committee when he adopts such a flippant attitude to an issue as important as this. As a wider general comment his overall attitude is one of pomposity and self-importance. No doubt as he represents Hindhead and most of the applications are in areas such as Cranleigh and Alfold,well away from him he feels he can adopt a could not care less approach.

  3. Don’t be silly Sir, because he is a Tory, because he has a piece of string that pulls his hand up for anything and everything, and because he is controlled – like a puppet on a string – that’s why!

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