And you know what – Surrey County Council highways – doesn’t give a damn!

See the tiny space on the left of the lorry in the two pictures below  – try squeezing your car, even your bike,  past this Monster. Well, this is now an everyday occurrence in the lives of Cranleigh’s country folk and it’s happening here in Farnham too! 

Do the highway authority ever raise an objection to this, or any other development on Waverley’s narrow country lanes, or congested local roads … NO! Not any more they don’t. Yet they tell us to get on our bikes!

Did  it raise an objection to an application to build 54 homes near one of the most dangerous bridges in Cranleigh and on a road that floods? NO.

Why? Because one highway official Mike Green, who is true to his name, GREEN, when responding to local concerns about possible traffic congestion and danger to children near proposed new schools in Parsonage Road, said:

‘Well – they will just have to get used to it, won’t they!

Well, Mr Green, perhaps you should pay attention to the serious implications of councils making  wrong and dangerous decisions!   Decisions that elsewhere in the country, which resulted in deaths and serious injury, could result in someone being forced to take responsibility for their actions! 

The same applies to Waverley Planning Officers, who  took their elected members on a site visit to this site before considering the scheme, but told them to park in Roberts Way, just about as far away from the Amlets Lane site entrance they could possibly get! Devious and duplicitous bunch!

Now,  Cala Homes, who by the way suggested in their application that their employees would arrive in Cranleigh on their bikes or on the train,  ( closed in the 60’s)  want to remove some of the five bed properties and replace them with an extra 25 smaller homes! 

When someone dies on Amlets Lane, will Mr Green be  quite so confident about telling people – they will just have to get used to it!

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 21.47.10.png

Click on the link below and read all about it in that amazing organisation’s website. The Cranleigh Civic Society,  over there in the East of the borough, which is determined to continue  speaking up For Cranleigh, despite being ignored by ‘Your Waverley.’…/narrow-lanes-blocked-by

3 thoughts on “And you know what – Surrey County Council highways – doesn’t give a damn!”

  1. When will people learn that these officials, Mr Green, L Simms etc do not give a rats arse what people have to put up with while the building of these houses go on, or even after they are built with traffic congestion, sewerage and waste problems, because they don’t live anywhere near it. That just shows in recommending the last planning application in Cranleigh, on land that used to accommodate horses, that regularly in the winter and spring stood on little islands out of the water or up to their knees in it, sheer ignorance of the site and they call themselves professionals at their job, what a joke. God help us once they are allowed to pass applications themselves without the committees, who by the way need to stand up to these thugs, I can’t believe that councillor’s allow themselves to be spoken down to by the planning officers and the way they brown nose them, they are paid to do their job, they are paid by us the public and they should act accordingly not on behalf of the developers.

    1. Here, here! Don’t you love the way Waverley councillors “thank” the officers for such a comprehensive report, “thank” them for turning up, “thank” them again for doing a job which comes with a salary most of us would die for, together with a final salary pension which most of us can only dream about! Hey ho! There we go!

      1. Well as I said, the brown nose brigade need to get a backbone and stand up to these planning officers who when you listen to them have no respect what so ever for the councillors or the councillors questions. I am amazed at the tone the planning officers take when having to respond to a councillors question. Almost a waste of the officer’s breathe, that’s the attitude they give off.

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