Who’s dumping on who this time?

This time it’s ‘Your Surrey’ that’s dumping on ‘Cranleigh New Town.’ And.. Angry of Cranleigh is getting even Angrier!

The revelation  that Surrey County Council is consulting/ has decided to close the Cranleigh Amenity Tip and recycling centre has gone down like … a bucket of sick! And that is underestimating the anger of residents of Ewhurst, Cranleigh and all the surrounding villages that use the site in Elmbridge Road in their droves!’

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Just when your Surrey County Council publishes its policy on ‘Ways to reduce our carbon footprint’ – it  decides to increase everyone’s carbon footprint by sending them off in their cars and vans to Witley or Guildford’s Slyfield Industrial Estate.

So The Protect our Little Corner of Waverley Group, which insists the roads across Dunsfold  and Hascombe will be invaded by the inhabitants of Dunsfold Park, will now be invaded by thousands of Cranleigh residents and all those living in the surrounding villages as they make the short cut across to Witley! Right past the home of guess who?

The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt Secretary of State for Health! Toot your horn on the corner of Markwick Lane, Hascombe and let him know you are on your way to Witley Dump!

Dumb (SCC) is definitely getting dumber by the day!

Here’s its latest Mantra. We have said it before on this site, we will, no doubt have good reason,  to say it again…


Surrey County Council’s policy: Ways to reduce carbon footprint
One of the most common ways to reduce the carbon footprint of humans is to drive less where possible travelling to a ‘close- by’ rather than far away destinations. Not only is a person going to save money on fuel, but they will be burning less and releasing fewer emissions into the atmosphere.

So what are  residents’ threatening?

To dump all their rubbish at the gates of the tip on the day the site is closed.  By lunchtime the road will be a seething mass of rubbish and the 50 tonne trucks will be forced to find another route onto Cranleigh’s ever-growing band of building sites. 

Has anyone told Councillor Andrew Povey, the newly elected county councillor for Cranleigh and Ewhurst. If not start contacting him right now – let him notch up a victory by keeping the Cranleigh dump open or he might find himself dumped along with all th other superfluous household rubbish!

Shaping Surrey’s Community Recycling Centres – 2017 – Surrey County Council – Citizen Space



6 thoughts on “Who’s dumping on who this time?”

  1. So which council is going to pick up the bill for the increase in the fly tipping which will undoubtedly happen! Ops sorry being stupid it will of course be picked up by us the tax payer and if Councillor Povey had anything about him, he wouldn’t need to be asked about it and there would be no need for a petition, so as usual it is all being left to a few people to stir up feelings, but it won’t be until it is closed the same as it won’t be until all the houses around Cranleigh are built that people will moan.
    P.S. well done SCC yet again, how do you increase fly tipping in one easy lesson close the facility of which a lot of people from Cranleigh and surrounding villages use. I suppose the next move will be to get residents to buy one of SCC skips and put it on their drive.

  2. Well here I go again “Angry of Alfold” – What are they on??? Of course we will all have to schelp to Witley or Guildford – Increasing traffic, pollution etc… I would really like to see what my Council Tax goes on – it makes me SPIT – We try really hard to ensure we recycle and do the proper waste and food, but having just had a rather large Party this weekend – we have rather more bottles than is seemly and thankfully will be able to take to the bottle bank! – I am sure the consultation will take as much notice of local residents as SCC take about the issues with Roads etc… We shall see!

    1. Well “Angry of Alfold” I think we should all have a great big party and drown the misery most of us are experiencing at the moment. Perhaps, we should all dump our rubbish in the road, outside the tip, and then SCC and Councillor Povey can come along with lorries and remove it every day?
      When will these idiots wake up?
      But then wasn’t it Councillor Povey who bought a load of parking metres to place through every town and village in Surrey, including Cranleigh? We wonder how much money was wasted on that little useless exercise?

  3. 75% of the council tax money we pay to WBC goes to Surrey County Council, if the councils took the tip sites back in house and stopped sub contracting everything out to make their councillor’s life easier it might be more financially better, but this would mean that they might actually have to physically look after the job. SCC wastes lots of our money on sub contracting work, simple example SCC had road contractors in a couple of years ago to resurface the Ewhurst road, after it was finished there were still the same pot holes etc, I rang and spoke to one of the people who deal with this and he told me he would check it and call back, which he did, surprise surprise the contractors had resurfaced the good parts and had completely left the bad parts, I asked if anyone ever check the work when it was finished and did not get a straight forward answer. That is where a lot of money is wasted. I bet when they have a council meeting nothing is spared then.

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