Bin the ballot box, because the tail is wagging that Waverley dog again…!


 Some at ‘Your Waverley” would like to  delegate more planning powers to the…. people… who were elected? Oh No! This is Wunderland remember…

 Don’t be silly,  to the planning officers, who need to step the development process  up a gear!

As of NOW – decisions for  developments of up to 25 homes will be left in the capable hands of ‘Your Waverley’s’ planning honchos –  Liz the Biz – the head honcho – who will have to scrape the smile off her face when she takes off her make-up   at night?

Oh bejoyfulness! – no more listening to those pesky councillors winding on about…

  • Highway, sewage, and infrastructure issues.
  • Listening to elected representatives telling her … what fits in with their Design Statements…
  • The character of their neighbourhoods? Or the height and scale of properties.
  • Green fields… countryside… in future they are only building plots, and if it’s green and  doesn’t move then it’s fair game.
  • And… as for ancient woodland… we can always impose conditions – like the Grampian one we drafted incorrectly to ensure sewage treatment capacity was improved before homes were occupied … to ensure developers plant shiny new trees when the old ones  are chopped !

This is what one Cranleigh councillor thinks of the move to remove the need for LOCAL  checks and balances. 

Councillor Patricia Ellis  who believes  Cranleigh residents may believe she is set to become – “an expensive irrelevance” – perish the thought!

and Councillor Jerry Hyman (Farnham) – Robert Knowles (Haslemere,) and John Gray (Dunsfold) agree with her. Councillor Hyman – (Farnham Residents) is featured here:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.29.08

But Solicitor, (Sleepy) Councillor Michael Goodridge Chairman of the Standards Board assured them all there’s nothing for them to worry their little heads about… they can always call applications in for consideration by the planning committee’s … if they are wide awake enough. No problem there then  Sleeping Beauty?


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