Barmy Barwell or Builder Barwell?

One could be forgiven for thinking that Gavin Barwell MP, the former Minister for Housing, wanted to build houses. Indeed, his rhetoric on the subject, prior to the recent election, was compelling.

Speaking at the MIPIM, an International property conference hosted in Cannes, Mr Barwell  told developers…

“If you’ve got parts of the country where you want to build homes and you’re struggling to find land, you come and see me and I will then raise those issues with the relevant local authorities.”

And if anyone had any doubts about his sincerity he went on to say,

“That’s an offer to anyone in this room – if you’re struggling to find sites you [can] come talk to me and I’ll try and do something about it.”

He went on to ram the message home by saying he wanted to be,

“clear and unequivocal” he was there to help them build the hundreds of thousands of new homes to help fix to help fix the UK’s housing crisis!

Hundreds of thousands of homes? Bring it on! He really couldn’t be any clearer could he? Oh yes he could, for he then said…

The government was committed to building more homes releasing enough land for around 160,000 new properties.

And then, to be absolutely sure he left his audience in no doubt whatsoever, Barwell said he wanted to “change the politics” of house building so local people did not automatically protest at the suggestion of new build. He went on to warn of “hard discussions” with local politicians who held up development.

Oh yeah? If that was really the case why did he then roll over and stick his buttocks in the air when fellow Tory MP, Matron Milton, went crying to him about a major brownfield development on her patch that had just been granted consent by the Local Authority? Did he hand her a hanky and tell her to buck up? Did he remind her that he was on record that he would have “hard discussions” with local politicians, like the Deputy Dominatrix, who tried to hold up development? Did he hell! No! He smiled sweetly and presumably said something along the lines of ‘Yes, of course, Annie. Anything you want, Annie. How high shall I jump, Anne?’ And promptly called in the consented application to build 1800 much needed homes on Dunsfold Aerodrome.

So much for his much for his ‘clear and unequivocal’ claim that ‘the government was committed to building more homes …’ Just not in the backyards of the Tory faithful!!!

Now Barwell, who lost his Croydon Central seat in the election – and is blaming it all on austerity and Brexit – has been given a consolation prize – although some might consider it a poisoned chalice! He has the ear of our erstwhile PM, having just become her new Chief of Staff. No doubt the Deputy Dominatrix will be all over him like a rash in his new role, demanding he begs Mrs May to stamp her size six Russell & Bromleys all over plans to build at Dunsfold Airfield.

Whip-crack-away … whip-crack-away … whip-crack-away …

Mr Barwell may well be wishing himself anywhere but in No 10 by the time the Deputy Dom has finished nagging him black and blue!

or on the other hand – if the PM hear’s  her quote following her re-election…you can read it here in The Guildford Dragon… maybe not! 


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8 thoughts on “Barmy Barwell or Builder Barwell?”

  1. No doubt he will be avoiding taking a decision and thereby any responsibility, just like they report on safety recommendations in tower blocks that he, and other housing ministers before him, have done.

  2. The unelected UKIP candidate for Cranleigh and Ewhurst should steer clear of tasteless comments concerning a tragic incident,which has yet to be investigated.No one can shoulder blame until a full enquiry has taken place.

    1. Of course no-one should shoulder the blame… yet… but time will tell and if, and when it does… we here at the Waverley Web hope that all those found to be culpable will stand up and be counted!
      As for the unelected UKIP candidate, at least she had the guts to stand against a Tory councillor with a well-documented track record, that quite frankly stinks higher than a kite!

  3. Just because I am unelected does not mean the report goes not exist and has been shoved to the side. The blame for this tragedy is that a chimney effect caused the block to catch fire at an unbelievable speed, no I am not quoting just what I have seen on TV, I have been in the building industry as a building services engineer for over 45years. This was an accident waiting to happen, but if a sprinkler system had been in place it may have saved lives.

  4. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Chelsea and Westminster Council took legal action against the Grenfell Tower’s Residents’ Association in a bid to hush up their concerns.
    Now, we wonder – where have we heard that one before, sound familiar?

  5. I repeat no one can shoulder the blame until a full enquiry has taken place, which now appears to be the case.
    I too was a senior manager in Health and Safety and Fire Risk and before that a Police Officer for many years, ROSPA, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue, Group 4 trained and am well aware of the chimney effect surrounding buildings of this construction, there are however other factors to be taken into consideration, which an enquiry will hopefully cover, but I fear this will take a long time as the LFB,the Met and all other local and emergency services need to stabilise the structure, remove bodies and retrieve vast amounts of forensic evidence first.
    There can be no apportion of blame without all these factors in place.
    The comment regarding TV viewing is irrelevant, as it was never mentioned it in the first place.

    1. WW agree with your comments, there can be no apportion of blame until ALL the facts are known. All the public ask, is for – absolute honesty and transparency in all things. Will we, and all those grief stricken families, get that. We can only hope and pray we/they do.

  6. I apportioned no blame, I merely pointed out that Government of all shades constantly shovel recommendations, that will have a financial cost, to one side. This is not the first time nor will it be the last.

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