Is Wen-am-I leaving – about to… yes… leave?

Are we at the WW putting two and two together and making Five? If so… we will wait to put up the Hallelujah chorus on his behalf when the announcement is made shortly.

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It is no secret in the sweltering attic offices and the over-heated corridors of Waverley Towers that Paul Wenham – the CEO – all but in name for legal reasons –  cannot wait to drag himself  out of the stinking bog that is ‘Your Waverley.’

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Which, is of course why we Webbers gave him the title ‘Wen – am -I -Leaving’ please make it soon… please… please… but preferably with a good package … and an  enhanced pension pot  – well! Mrs MOP got £250,00 and the previous CEO the same so , why shouldn’t I’?animated-spider-image-0157

And… I would rather like to get out before decisions are made on all those nasty public inquiry’s take place and decisions are made…  because it might get even hotter around here?

His friends and council colleagues have been speculating for months that the Oh So Sad Looking – Mr Wenham was making plans for the great Waverley get-away.

Will he get time off for good behaviour? – We fear not!

Former CEO Mary Orton Pett, or Mrs Mop as she was known here on our scurrilous blog,  left suddenly in October 2013 to –  “spend more time developing her career.”

Why might, he be leaving? Maybe the answer, as they say in the farming world – lies in the soil?  Is the milk about to go sour in POW’s Brown Cow? Or, it could be East Street – of the great the big hole in the Daft Local Plan…or… the Council’s recent Strategic Review, which uncovered some uncomfortable truths about officers not getting along with some councillors?

Ah well just in case we are right here’s the job spec and salary package as of 2016.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 14.02.44.png

 If we’re right he can buy us a   coffee from  the Borough Council’s new £7,000 vending machine?

“Your Waverley” will hear at its Extraordinary Meeting (tomorrow)  June 6.

Whose waiting in the Wings?

Don’t be silly… THE OMEN, or the Silent Assassin as he is known by his colleagues  –   of course!

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One thought on “Is Wen-am-I leaving – about to… yes… leave?”

  1. Strange the salary figures do not mention the Pension benefits, surely they are part of the overall costs. No pension benefit costs appear on the website so what do our highly paid senior officers actually cost us?

    It will be no loss for Waverley if Mr Wenham departs but what is worrying is that one of his cohorts, Graham Clark, who signed the fraudulent accounts, or Damian Green who put a stop to Meals on Wheels, will replace him. That would be all change but no change.

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