Shocking censorship of NHS singers by Farnham’s Tory Tossers.


Someone … must be 0h!… so afraid!..

t was a warm and sunny day in Waverley’s Wunderland – that is our picturesque market town of Farnham.

As the locals sat on the sweet-smelling grass on Gostrey Meadow, dipping  into to their picnic baskets, enjoying  live music, street food. As the children played at the town’s Spring festival –  along comes Mike Hodge – Farnham’s very own  Tit… (Tory Interfering Tosser) Mayor  and gives orders…   to a guest band to  …. put up and shut up!


It was OK Jóse for  Farnham Rock Choir to sing eight or nine songs – but when the National Health Singers took to the stage – they managed one round of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, followed by an original song called … ‘Stand Up for The NHS’.

That  includes the lyrics – “Jeremy Hunt has systematically misled the whole country”, and its chorus goes: “It’s not safe, it’s not fair, but they just don’t care, we did not sign up for this.” And… Off went the microphones!

No sooner had the song ended  … The microphones were switched off and their set was brought to a close. The compere told the singers and the audience that it was time to wrap up the performance, and the choir must leave the stage. He said: Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 16.35.09.png

But all  over’Your Waverley” its residents and those in the  rest of the free World who regularly follow ‘Your Waverley Web,’ can, by clicking on the link below, listen to it… as many times as they  like.  Put it on your Facebook page and let everyone see that although Democracy may be dead in Farnham –  it’s alive and kicking on this site!


However, although I don’t sing … I can strut my stuff just as long as I like! 


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