The Berkeley Bunnies want to burrow through even more – ancient trees!

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Oh! dear – we hear you cry over there in the East… pesky trees, (areas that have been wooded since 1600) getting in the way of progress! How dare they put their roots down into the soil and get in the way of developers?

Anyway, what’s an ancient tree between friends – after all wasn’t it Waverley’s  head planning honcho that told the voting fodders’ Cranleigh representatives that … “ancient woodland could always be re-planted.’ When detailed consent to build  425 homes was granted Liz the Biz  told  ‘YW’s’  senior planning committee that, although  felling of ancient woodland was required to provide an access from Knowle Lane for the first phase of (50) of Berkeley’s scheme   – the loss of trees was, ‘not significant.’  So that’s alright then!

Is that the sound of ancient trees we hear … biting the Cranleigh dust? 

Now of course, another  belt of ancient trees pictured below, and which have the added protection of Tree Preservation Orders, are in the way of BB’s burrowing. Tomorrow,  the eastern planing committee will be asked to allow the BB’s to remove the Tree Preservation Orders – as they are in their way. 

Oh! and doesn’t that look like a road going through the parkland into Cranleigh New Town?  If not, we suspect it soon will be.

Read more on the Cranleigh Civic Society website:  Oh! and by the way, almost everyone in the borough is being blamed for this blog! So let’s make it clear. We have NOTHING  to do with the Cranleigh Society, we simply follow the site AND APPLAUD IT’S HARD WORK AND DILIGENCE!

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Sad that the consent to cut down ancient woodland for the access road, but now the remaining beautiful trees are about to become sawdust!
 The BB’s have told  the planners –  they are, “a potential significant further barrier to delivery of the development”

Oops excuse us ignorant souls, but it’s not like the trees just appeared on site, after all they are ancient!!  Definition below: The attack just goes on and on… is it time the Waverley spider wrapped its web around its neck and just hung itself? animated-spider-image-0157 Answers to :

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 20.07.20.png


Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 08.16.20.pngYou can object here: The meeting of the Eastern Area Planning Committee takes place tomorrow, May 17.

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