The Eastern area is not alone in kicking up a stink – we’ve got sewerage problems over here in Farnham too!

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Are the Statutory Authorities – Thames Water, the Environment Agency and ‘Your Surrey” County Council letting the residents  of Waverley down?

With monotonous regularity they raise absolutely NO OBJECTION to proposed development sites around the borough, regardless of whether there are serious flooding, environmental, traffic or sewage issues!

The East of the borough has been kicking up a hell of a stink for more than a year about the serious situation over there. Residents, the parish councils, and Amenity Groups together with their borough councillors …have been totally ignored  – and Farnham and the rest of the borough are being treated with utter contempt. 

‘You will see from the link below ‘Your Waverley’ imposed conditions on developers – conditions that are useless, unenforceable, and which have been totally ignored by the people who are really calling the tune – DEVELOPERS!

Restrictions put in place by “Your Waverley” are not worth the bog paper they are written on.

But… Good News…  this week  Thames Water was fined:Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 16.47.46.png

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Read the Full article here – and you will see  they’re at it all over the Country. – But don’t worry the Statutory Authorities  will continue to raise NO OBJECTION  and Chief Planning officer Liz the Biz will shove another shed load of inappropriate planning applications through, that is of  course, until they are heavily fined!

Another bit of a stink in Cranleigh’s troubled waters?

The capacity of Farnham Sewage treatment works, according to Thames Water, is 37,000 people – and that figure must include those extra people who work in Farnham but live elsewhere as well as he locals. The plant is, quite simply, running at full stretch! Bit like other parts of the borough.

To increase the plant’s capacity will require a major re-build and will cost many millions of pounds. Whilst the land is apparently available – the funding is not. So… there is a serious infrasctucture deficiency, which could led to health problems.

As if Farnham residents haven’t  enough to contend with the serious air quality issues they  will be able to add the stench of more sewage to their assaulted  nostrils. This once, attractive Market Town, is being blighted by traffic and smell.  It has a road system totally unsuited to current needs. However,  the Statutory Authorities appear to be ignoring – the smell – noise – and fumes permeating through a town, now under siege by developers. As they line up,  eager to add yet more sewage, more congestion, and then move on and set up their concrete mixers  in another green field – possibly near you?

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.29.44.pngFarnham’s and the surrounding villages’ sewage and waste water is treat at the Farnham Sewage Treatment Works, situated in Monkton Lane. 

For over 20 years near neighbours have complained about the stink from processing poo, however over recent years, the smell has become so bad that is seriously affecting the quality of life of many who live in nearby and up to a mile and a half away.

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We have recently posted on Farnham’s air quality problems which worsen with every day that passes. But, once again, The Statutory Authority ‘Your Surrey’ raise  NO OBJECTION! 

Despite Nitrogen dioxide levels in Farnham Town Centre reaching dangerous levels – 23% higher than the maximum set by the EU! And   not a single word of objection from ‘Your Surrey” Zilch, Nil! And… as for Thames Water or the Environment Agency Nothing Zilch … so sewage and fumes combined – what chance to our kids have…  None, Rien, nichts , nada, asgje, nista, intet, niets, nada, nekas, ekkert, 没什么,   heç bir şey …..  so let those earth movers roll!





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