It’s a funny old world…in Waverley…isn’t it?

Now the Tory Tossers are fighting amongst themselves about who should be the candidate to represent Ewhurst and Cranleigh in the forthcoming County Council election.


Of course we here at the Waverley Web know that the Guildford Conservative Association has “very good reasons for not re-slecting Kodak Pete aka Alan Young, despite the plaudits from some residents being awarded to him.

After all – doesn’t everyone want to hear what Councillor Jeannette Stennett has to say? Read her letter in the Surrey Ad – but we are not printing it – because the Waverley Web never wants to scare young children!

Pity she cannot be quite so vocal speaking up for Cranleigh New town which both she and her husband – together with Councillor Young have done so much to support! And, who despite repeated attempts, refuses to answer to or speak to Cranleigh Parish Council, from which she and her husband resigned.

Perhaps  Guildford Conservatives were not  too enamoured to hear of all those”secret meetings” held behind “Your Waverley`’s closed doors. Or what Councillor Young was up to when he was Chairman of the Guidford Conservative Association.

If your own political association – that knows exactly what their elected representatives are up to has lost confidence in its candidates, and the “Locals” haven’t – then who dares wins.

 Tonight’s the night the Tory Tossers will gather together and wash all their undergarments “in secret” and announce who exactly will stand in the Surrey County Council elections in May. The contenders are: Alan Young (already de-selected), Mr Andrew Povey (former county councillor and leader of SCC – who has enough baggage to fill a Jumbo jet – and newcomer Phillip Townsend – the people’s favourite.

We bet Rosaleen Egan (UKIP) – you know the lady who with dogged determination keeps on mentioning “Your Waverley’s fraud scandal – which Tories covered up theirs, and others  incompetence, before the May 2015 elections) and a few other contenders – hope and against hope that the winner is … Mr Alan Young! … and dread it may be Mr Townsend.




… Of course it may not be if MP Anne Milton (Miss Backlash) gets her Tory whip outfit on!

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