It’s official – “Your Waverley” is a self confessed liar!

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.13.02.pngIf by  any chance have a copy of a Farnham Herald article from July/August 2015 in which WBC stated that they had obtained ‘proper’ legal advice re the East Street Environmental Impact Assessment ? Frame it…


A resident submitted a Freedom of Information and an – EIA Request for that so called  “proper legal advice” they (Your Waverley) claimed to have received.

and guess what they said!! 

“I’ve just received a copy of the Detailed Notes  for a First Tier Tribunal in which WBC assured the Information Commissioner that they had never sought or obtained any legal advice (internal or external) re the East Street EIA (which was their reason for not disclosing it)

At least they’ve ‘officially’ admitted that they are liars. Here is a useful guide for future lie detection.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 15.29.24.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 18.55.00.png

4 thoughts on “It’s official – “Your Waverley” is a self confessed liar!”

  1. Here attached is a scan of an article from the Farnham Herald 7.8.15 in which Julia Potts claims to have taken proper legal and planning advicethat a lawful start on Brightwells has been made.

    Best regards,

    Anne Cooper

  2. As I said in my letter, a bunch of dissemblers and sheep. Whoever requested the FOI well done, I assume the original reply was “it is not in the public interest to release this information” which is the reply we receive to the majority of our FOI’s. I am pleased that the IC finally forced Waverley into a corner they could not get out of.

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