Is Fighting for Farnham’s fresh air moving on up Waverley’s Agenda?


Certainly looks like Farnham’s new boy together with a proactive Council officer intend to join forces to put a boot up the backside of Surrey County Council.

For more than a decade Farnham residents have been forced to inhale toxic fumes on a daily basis. Measures to prevent HGV’s belching diesel fumes whilst making shop deliveries have proved practically useless. Companies factor the  meagre fines imposed into their overheads and carry on carrying on.  Suggestions they should be banned from the high street are  being considered, and in the meantime pollution, just gets worse particularly at ground level. Babies in pushchairs are particularly vulnerable.

“Our Jeremy” is so sick of it that he has been working with a “Touch of Frost” and the county council on a possible pedestrianisation scheme, a report on which   was promised before Christmas , last Christmas that is – not next! 

But now it is rumoured that “Our Jeremy”  is moving from the countryside in Markwick Lane, Dunsfold into Farnham things are bound to change – aren’t they? But… then hey – don’t hold your breath folks, or in this particular instance holding your breath might be an idea.   Because  Farnham Bourne’s Councillor Carole told Waverley’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee recently  that it was time the talking stopped `and the problem which had been going on for more than a decade, had just got worse!

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 19.27.05.png
China to-day Farnham tomorrow?

So… instead of just moaning on … Chairman Jerry Hyman is setting up a working group of councillors – to put a firework under those responsible for Farnham’s “shocking” air quality – and then – if nobody  acts – which WW believes they won’t, will ask the Secretary of State to intervene. Not the Health Secretary of course, the Environment one. The other one has got more than enough on his plate dealing with crisis management in the Health Service


Godalming Town Centre’s not good either – although the air quality hasn’t been measured for the past six months due to the  redevelopment of the Key Site adjacent to Waitrose.   Anyway – wasn’t the old ~Police Station built on a demolished gas works, and haven’t the new homes been built on the old Police Station site, so isn’t  it all sitting on a bit of stink hole anyway?

Despite there being scant pollution on the A281 at Bramley – By-Passs Byham said he wanted the siting of the measuring equipment checked and moved if necessary. No doubt preferably stuck under the exhaust pipes of the, idling, Chelsea tractors parked outside St Catherine’s School in Station Road? 

So watch this space guys and gals – could Farnham could soon be smelling of violets?



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