If you blinked you may have missed this… but take heart -we have our beady eyes on the local NHS changes!

Patients in West Surrey who suffer a stroke will no longer be taken to the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford.

Well that may be good news for some of us in the West of Waverley, who can access Frimley Park, but we just wonder if those beleaguered souls in the centre and east of the borough won’t be more than a bit miffed?

And… did we miss a round of Consultation on  major changes of service? WHICH STARTS ON 9th of January? If we did, then sorry, we must be more vigilant in future! However, if there was no consultation on such a life-changing service may we ask, WHY NOT?
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In just  three weeks time, patients with a suspected stroke, who would currently be taken to the Guildford hospital will instead be taken to either St Peters’ Hospital in Chertsey or the Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley.

Oh! and by the way were we told the High Dependency Unit was closing – last August. and now patients move straight from Intensive Care onto the ward, where they are “high priority.” Well – that’s alright then?

According to a RSCH spokesman stroke patients may later be transferred back to the RSCH if clinically appropriate for ongoing care or… will be discharged home.

In a joint statement from the Guidford and Waverley Commissioning Group – “These changes are necessary as the Royal Surrey will no longer be able to support a seven-day hyper acute stroke pathway from January due to a number of changes within the multi disciplinary stroke team.

The provision of seven-day acute stroke unit care is unaffected and will continue during the interim period.”

Well thanks for telling us – and  by the way did you tell us/consult us on the possible loss of the closure of the hospital’s High Dependency Unit – you know the step down from Intensive Care. WW has heard from a hospital employee that you are no longer able to afford that either.  The RSCH was kind enough to contact the Waverley Web to let us know that the Turnaround director was not getting his £60,000 salary earned in his previous job and is only earning £50,000 a month in his new role! No doubt they will contact us if this information is incorrect – because residents, particularly the olds are scared enough as it is! You can read it here: Need we say more?

Wonder why it costs so much to Park at The Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford?

By golly that Turnaround Director is certainly earning is £50,000 per month salary isn’t he. No doubt he will come up with a cunning plan to do away with patients’ next?

Wonder what else he has tucked up his very expensive Armani sleeve?

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  1. And Cranleigh village hospital trust think that the Royal Surrey County Hospital are going to have a financial input in their proposed long time coming new Cranleigh Village Hospital. Let’s wait another fourteen years!

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