Know-less – v- Potts?

Will it soon be daggers at dawn for the past and present Leaders of “Your Waverley?”

A little bird tells us that not all is sweetness and light at Waverley Towers following the decision to approve and press ahead with the Daft Local Plan in the face of some internal opposition.    From now on, we will call the Daft Local Plan – The Local Plan despite some of it being daft as  although it is not set in tablets of stone – or perhaps more appropriately – set in concrete – it will soon be on its way  to a Government Inspector, so we all have to be grateful for small mercies.

Bet the Inspector can hardly wait… hope its the same guy examining it as last time because  he had a real sense of humour, or perhaps that wasn’t a smile, more of a grimace as he kicked it into touch! We digress…

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.02.41             Because former Leader Robert Knowless has had a bit of a disagreement with Gone to Potts about same Local Plan which he said he, just could NOT support.

He has concerns over  Infrastructure and Public Transport and he  told the Extraordinary Council Meeting that some of the information before them was “simply not true”  

Not true – does he mean … lies … oh dear…not that tangled web again… from the same man who as council leader told the Cranleigh Civic Society they were spreading rumours about the £1million the council had set aside  (behind closed doors) to work with Hamish Robbie of The Crownhall Estates to build  a new industrial estate in Cranleigh’s Green Belt at Manfield Park.

Oh! no he didn’t – oh yes he did …. and by the way the £1m of taxpayers money has just been moved from one year’s budget into anothe , or so the budget papers tell us – so the Know-less lying  git Knows-more than he is letting on… so now who’s the leading liar in the Waverley  lair?

Oh what a tangled web they do weave?

He said about the public transport provision in The Plan…  “the truth of the matter is what we have been told here is not true”  particularly in the more rural parts of the borough which he said was  “utter nonsense.” He said public  bus services had been cut substantially – down 20% in his own Town of Haslemere – and “it is not going to be improved, in fact it is quite  the reverse – so I am not going to put my name to something I know not to be true.” Of course what he fails to recognise  is that The Plan is already out of date, and the information provided by Surrey County Council Highways was given long before it decided to slash the county’s bus services.

So he … abstained along with Kevin De’Anus (Con Alfold); John Gray (Con; Dunsfold) Richard All at – Seabourne (Con Bramley); and John Williamson (Farnham Residents).

Oh! and By-Pass Byham (Con Bramley) said he arrived at the meeting determined to vote against The Plan but so  convinced was he by all the arguments he had heard during the meeting,  and being a well-behaved Tory Tosser, changed his mind and supported it!  Fickle fellow!  Now whose not going to get a By-Pass?

3 thoughts on “Know-less – v- Potts?”

  1. Hi WW – I listened to the Whole thing – the Weeping & Wailing…. Honestly – I think you may want to check Byham – Despite the appalling sound on the uTube vid – I am pretty sure he Abstained.. There were 5 by my reckoning that abstained: Byham, Deanus, Gray, Seaborne and Williamson with 1 Objection from the brave and un-listened to Hyman. I was frankly disappointed in the Cranleigh Councillors who all approved it….. I understand this needs to move on..
    But Approving means you AGREE WITH IT and I am afraid the Stennetts and Mary could have done more – Lack of Cojons by my reckoning!

    1. Agree with you about the appalling sound on the Utube video, but we believe the other councillor who abstained was Robert Knowles and not By-Pass Byham. Also agree with you about the weeping and the wailing from Councillor Patricia Ellis who voted for the Plan. At least the Stennetts had the decency to put up and shut up.

  2. We all need to know some things……..
    For example we love the fact that Thakeham keep spouting on about local support. None from Alfold but plenty from Glasgow etc.
    So the staff that get free housing on the estate support it. Care Ashore staff get free housing from their employer. Why wouldn’t you fight for that ?Then they say the village is being hostile to them and all they care about is their view. Your are right we care about the view and the open farm land across the fields.
    It seems so do the staff, but only if it suits…. If you were asked about a picture you took on Facebook…. something like…
    “That’s gorgeous. Where is it”? You might reply..
    “on the estate where I live and am also luck enough to work”. Smiley face.
    But I live on the side we don’t want to concrete over so I don’t care about the village!
    Lucky you.
    Known for licensed poetry!
    Or you may be related and then your are looking for the real gravy train…. already come into town for some and if somebody pays your mortgage all the better, but it may not end there, greed may be clouding the judgment of the younger generation.
    Now we get down to UK bribery and corruption law, so do not do something silly because we are all watching. Which hopefully this will stop. if anybody related to anybody who works for the charity gets to live in a property for less than market value then that will be investigated. I am sure it will not happen but hopefully this note ensures that

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