Pangbourne in Royal Berkshire to-day – now… Farncombe in wealthy Waverley! 

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 23.19.04.pngWho says ‘”Your Waverley” doesn’t listen to public protest – just recently it got to the bottom of a problem that has been upsetting the “locals” in Farncombe  for some months – the loss of their public lavatories.

Our Godalming and Farncombe followers have been in touch with us here at the Waverley Web in a bid to ensure the three month trial  reprieve for their disabled loo- ensures the long-term future of all its lavatories.

Churchill said “A Nation that forgets its past has no future.”

The Waverley Web maintains that “A borough that fails to relieve its residents at times of need – has no future.”

Sadly despite a widely supported petition from the locals the Farncombe gents/ladies remains CLOSED. But the disabled loo has been given a three-month reprieve  to demonstrate  how often it is used.

So we urge all our readers to travel to Farncombe  from the furthest  corners of the borough to go to the aid of Farncombe people. Use the public loo – because “Your Waverley” is watching you.  We don’t think they have put CCTV cameras in there yet – so feel free to flush away  your heart’s content. But remember, use lots of paper, wash your hands to ensure everyone at “Your Waverley” knows you’ve been!!

Otherwise the poor souls of Farncombe and its visitors, could  be caught short for ever more.

Now Surrey County Council is turning out the street lights from midnight until 5.a.m. guess where everyone will relieve themselves?

Some toilets have been reinvented by local authorities as trendy bars, restaurants, even nightclubs. In some towns architects have kept the original mosaic floor and tiled walls and turned the old urinals into tables and intimate alcoves – and they are now flushed with their success.


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