In out, in out… and shake it all about?

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A  controversial scheme to build 265 homes many of which developers claim will be  … “affordable”  was refused by Waverley Planners in April.

The Knowle Park Initiative’s scheme Timeline.

  • 2014/ 2015 KPI invited to a series of “secret meetings” with some, Borough councillors.
  • 2015 KPI’s application submitted and a month later is withdrawn because the call in by – Brian Ellis was out of time. Planning officers were recommending refusal under their delegated powers.
  • A month later late (2015 ) KPI application re-submitted and called in (in time) by Councillor Brian Ellis.
  • April 2016 Application refused by Waverley’s Joint Planning committee.

Cranleigh Councillors Brian Ellis and Councillor Stewart Stennett declared a “pecuniary interest” just days later Councillor Ellis claims he only declared  “a prejudicial interest.”

  • September 2016 KPI application re-submitted in a different name A2 Dominion – but by the same outfit.
  • October 2016 KPI application withdrawn. (Invalid)
  • October 2016 Appeal lodged with the Planning Inspectorate. 
  • November 2016 – re-submitted and registered by the council.
  • No date for determination.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 10.37.49.png

  There was a bit of a stink in April when two Cranleigh councillors declared a “Pecuniary interest” and left the Joint Planning Committee meeting but sat outside waiting for their colleagues to grant the scheme recommended by officers for approval. Officers  were originally minded to refuse the application (without reference to councillors) under their delegated powers.

One of those councillors, now deceased , argued  he had never declared a “pecuniary interest” only  a prejudicial one  – because he had  called the scheme in .. twice…  and had been holding secret meetings with the developer for years! The others just lobbied  colleagues to support the scheme which was  scuppered on the night when “Annie Get your Gun” MP Anne Milton wrote to councillors outlining  her  concerns.

The West Cranleigh Nurseries (KPI) site in Alfold Road,  Cranleigh is notorious forScreen Shot 2016-10-24 at 10.27.25.png flooding  and the narrow road will also serve as the access for  approved schemes including :  The Berkeley Homes development (425 properties )  and Little Meadow,  another (75) There is also an application from Thakeham Homes in the “pipeline” for another 58 properties on a flood plain adjacent to the KPI site pictured here left  and a  decision on an appeal by Threadneedle Investments for 120 on the nearby Hewitts  Industrial Estate is expected shortly. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 17.56.04.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 18.16.27.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 17.55.28.png

anti no 2.jpg
So.. here you have the Knowle Park Initiative guys waiting to wipe the smiles off the faces of Cranleigh Parish Council/The Cranleigh Society and villagers  who fear for Cranleigh’s future with another 265 houses dumped onto Elmbridge, and more to come! But now they claim  there is a material change in circumstances – WHY … because everyone elses schemes have been allowed so why not ours? So … Who Dares Wins? 

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  1. So Cranleigh West residents it is up to you. There is a by election on 21st December and you can vote for more of the same treatment by electing yet another Conservative who will be obliged to follow the party whip or be bold and vote for someone else, me for instance. In UKIP there is no party whip we believe the elected Members should ask their constituents and follow their wishes regardless of party politics.

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