Can someone, somewhere explain – why proposed homes for rent are being removed from development schemes?


One of the local sites in Waverley earmarked for “affordable waterfront homes!” This picture was leaked to us by the locals!

In most development schemes proposed by developers in the borough of Waverley – the council’s  planning “experts” propose that 40% should be “affordable homes” most for rent.”

So… can someone, explain why homes for rent are being removed from schemes – read hereWaverley Planners approve a development where councillors predict – “someone will be killed!”

and… are being changed to shared ownership? Part buy/part rent?

Is it because of the new Right to Buy pilots being rolled out around the country and which are giving prospective “affordable home” tenants the right to buy the homes they rent with a £70/76,000 discount after three years? Or is it a government imposed rent cap. Answers to: mail to: or comment on the comment blob at the top of this page please?

Because if so, then the “affordable housing” stock will be lost after a given time and then more green fields, that flood,  will be sacrificed to build more “affordable homes” so they can be sold off to build more………? .Yes you guessed … “affordable homes!

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This article is from the good old Farnham Herald which still keeps its residents informed!

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