Oh dear what can the matter be?

The talk in Cranleigh is all about lavatories!


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 23.08.10.png
Could this possibly be Cranleigh High Street?

The East of the Borough’s ‘Sh**gate” has taken a turd for the worst in the past few weeks as – the Sainsburys Store in Cranleigh has, among other high street stores and restaurants,  become the victim of the village’s sewage issues. It is now the subject of conversation among shoppers overcome by the Stink!

A few weeks of hot weather has produced  a fair wadge of complaints from shoppers overcome by the smell of sewage. 

One follower who contacted the WW said she was retching when she asked the checkout assistant if she could speak to Sainsbury’s manager to complain.

He explained me that he was well aware of the awful smell which he believed was connected to a problem with the sewers in Cranleigh and despite letters of complaint to the appropriate authorities as there had been no improvement, the matter was now being dealt with by Sainsbury’s head office.

“I, and many others  didn’t feel like continuing our shopping as the smell was all around the store’s cold cabinets – and the manhole cover was off the drains outside. We are all aware that tankers are regularly removing effluent from the overburdened drains in Cranleigh, and Sainsbury’s is not the only high street store to make a complaint.”

This follower’s name and address has been supplied.

Ah well – nothing like the smell of prolific poo to accompany the aroma of coffee in the village – or should we now call it a city, as it will be bigger than Dunsfold “New Town.”   Cranleigh has been dubbed by a Waverley   borough  councillor as the coffee shop centre of Surrey.

Perhaps  village leaders – you know the ones that ARE  opposing wholesale development on green fields, and areas that flood,  should hold a PUBLIC event  to talk about Cranleigh’s infrastructure,  or  the lack of it!

Funny old world isn’t it – wonder if Waverley’s Environment Health Officers are aware of the problem?   Perhaps it’s  time somebody told them? but of course the Waverley Web couldn’t possibly comment.





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  1. Perhaps Waverley Web should change name to POF?
    Of course the few thousand that responded would back the Dunsfold plan. None of them live anywhere near it. If you live in Farnham it is the answer to all your prayers and why would you care about Alfold, Cranleigh, Dunsfold or traffic on the A281!

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