More homes In Haslemere?


Once developers have their foot in the door  – or in this case … the gate. You can be sure there is more to come?

Guess why? Because according to the developers beating on Waverley’s door – “there is a pressing need for more homes and although for various reasons the number allocated for Haslemere in the emerging Local Plan are relatively low it is challenging to meet even these numbers. Of other sites being considered to address the shortfall – such as West Street and Wey Hill car parks – all come with their significant problems ” 

So… another good reason to build another 30 or so around Sturt Farm, Haslemere?

The Daft Local Plan earmarks 850 homes for the town of Haslemere.

Read here an article from the Haslemere Herald. 16.07.07 – More homes by farm

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.40.33.png


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