Isn’t it time that Cranleigh held a Town Hell meeting?

With the Elmbridge Road under attack from all quarters hasn’t the time come for the poor devils down there in the East of the borough to start SHOUTING! Or are they all sleepwalking?

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A little Town Hell meeting might be what Cranleigh needs?

Over here in Farnham at least we take on the system. We put our money with our mouths are, dig deep into our pockets and launch Judicial Reviews in a bid to stop ‘Your Waverley” selling our town short.

Over there in the Cranleigh area it would appear Dunsfold Residents, called  “Protect Our Waverley, who want nothing more than to stop a brown field site hosting homes whilst the green and pleasant countryside in Cranleigh gets dumped on! Protecting Waverley – no themselves  more like!

Is the Cranleigh Parish Council asleep? Is it on holiday somewhere in the South of France? Is it sipping Expresso’s in the village one councillor recently referred to as, the “coffee shop village of Surrey.” Or perhaps it believes that the Protect Our Waverley Group will start complaining about something other than DUNSFOLD PARK and pitch in and actually do what it name suggests and starts actually protecting “our Waverley?”

This week the village named as “poor old Cranleigh” by Waverley borough councillors, looks as though it is about to get another 68 houses thrust upon it… guess where… poor old Elmbridge Road! Again! You know the same Elmbridge Road where traffic chaos ensues most days on a one way only dangerous narrow bridge over the Wey and Arun Canal, and on another one-way railway brightest is cracking up! Stupid or what?

With 425 houses granted to Berkeley Homes, another 75 at Little Meadow, 120 at appeal for Threadneedle at the Hewitts Industrial Estate; 265 just refused for the Knowle Park Initiative,  now  included in the Daft Local Plan plus  68 from Thakeham Homes in the same road/area won’t make much difference will it? Course not!  A thousand houses give or take a few won’t make any difference to the rural feel of the area adjacent to the overloaded sewage works! After all according to Craneigh Councillor Gumby Ellis, the shops need more footfall and the Councillors Stennett won’t worry about the countryside they have just obtained their own personal planning permission on the GREEN BELT in Guildford Road and… you ain’t seen nothing yet?

Call a public meeting for all your sakes Cranleigh people, kick up a stink, – that’s what we did in Farnham – and it worked. 



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