A By-election or two, or maybe three?

The ballot boxes will soon be coming out again in Farnham due to the resignation of Waverley Borough Councillor and former Mayor, “Paddy” Blagden who represents the Farnham Castle Ward.

No doubt Councillor David Munro – who pledged that he would resign immediately from both the borough and county councils if he was elected as Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner will  resign too.

This would enable just one poll for two Waverley councillors and one county councillor. No doubt immediate means when the SW Surrey Conservative Association decide th time is right. 

 Is it possible that these By-elections may produce more of a balance and some scrutiny of “Your Waverley?” WW doubt it!

16.06.09 – Councillor resigns on health grounds

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 20.55.39.png

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