Fishing for Information?

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They just wish like Bing and Louis they could go fishin rather than just wishin… 

 The Cranleigh Civc Society  has recently  been in contact with Shamley Green, Wonersh and Bramley Angling Society about the quality of Cranleigh Waters and how this is affecting its biodiversity.

The Angling Club was established in 1950 and has been a vibrant small club for the last 66 years with a number of surviving original members one of which is Chairman Mr Peter Payne.

Over the last three or four  years, it has  noticed a poor catch rate amongst the native fish species along stretches of the river namely the Hambledon Rural District Council section at Bramley and the  Gosden section along the main Guildford Road towards Shalford.

At one point fish like Roach, Bream, Chubb, Perch, Gudgeon and Pike were a common catch amongst club members, but now are very, very hard , if not impossible to catch using any methods of fishing.

The older members of the Club talk about the good old days of fishing upon stretches of river ‘bagging up’ the previously mentioned fish but now river fishing is somewhat a poor affair with very little fish caught at all especially in the summer months.

This predicament is leading to a dwindling membership within the club of river anglers which is a shame.

If you have any information about pollution affecting the biodiversity of Cranleigh Waters please email

You can read more about sewage pollution in the Cranleigh Waters on the Cranleigh Civic Society website.

WW wonder how many other rivers and streams in the borough are being affected by pollution?

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