Well done Farnham – at last!


This draft was to have been our post:

Isn’t it time the Farnham Town Council, on behalf of Farnham people,  acted on the forthcoming “fraudulent” redevelopment of East Street before its too damned late!

However, This is the e-mail we received: from Mr David Beaman before we had time to post it!


For the attention of Waverley Web

I am pleased to report that at the meeting of FTC’s Full Council held recently  that the motion that I had proposed and was approved at the Annual FTC meeting of electors held on Thursday 24th March was discussed and two recommendations from FTC’s Strategy and Finance Working Group which had discussed the motion at its meeting on Tueday 19th April were both approved – these being :-
That Farnham Town Council
i) Ask the Secretary of State to review the Screening Opinion decision for the moving of the Sewers on the basis that they are for an EIA development and as such an EIA statement is required by legislation;
ii) Take independent legal advice and Counsel’s opinion, if required, to clarify: i) whether due process has been followed and ii) whether the project had changed so substantially that it was no longer the same project such that it may be advantaging the developer and not now be delivering best value for money for the taxpayer.

There was, however, a cap of £20,000 placed on the cost taking legal advice with any further expenditure should further legal action being subject to further approval by FTC’s Full Council. This cap was suggested by a Farnham Resident councillor and not the Conservatives.

The proposal inevitably went to a vote although only 2 Conservatives (Councillors Mike Hodge and Stephen Hill) voting against it. All the other Conservatives including the Mayor, Councillor Pat Frost, voted for the proposal.

I think that in the circumstances this is a good result.


Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 09.26.15.png
Smiling Farnham Town Councillors including second from right Waverley’s new Leader Julia Potts.

The triumvirate  of Surrey County Council ,including  its  Highways Department;  Developers Crest Nicholson and “Your Waverley” Borough council are forging ahead with a development that they know will gridlock the Farnham Town Centre!

It is outrageous that a Fraudulent Traffic Assessment put forward by CNS has been rubber stamped and agreed by SCC highways even though it is in an Air Quality Management Area, whilst at the same time Surrey County Councillors Denise Le Gal and Alan Young have persuaded the County Council to back the scheme with money coming from either the ratepayers’ or the pension fund!

Apparently it came as “a bit of a shock” to some county councillors who knew nothing about the little ruse to dig Waverley Council out of the deep black hole it has got itself into as commercial funders could not be found, despite exhaustive efforts to trawl the markets.

Now some county councillors are concerned about the element of risk they may be taking by backing the  re-development of such a “toxic” scheme. Which includes moving the Gostrey Centre to the Memorial Hall costing Waverley taxpayers up to £3m to leave the way  clear for the redevelopment of East Street!

Letter from the Farnham Herald about “Your Waverley” who can get away with shuffling organisations around like a pack of cards just as and when they feel like it. Will it get away with it?  Not in Farnham Town Council has anything to do with it?

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 18.15.05.png
WBC is not taking any notice of you, or anyone else in Farnham for that matter Mrs Potter!




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