Why were they absent?

Our inbox has been groaning under the weight of WW followers asking why two Cranleigh Councillors declared a pecuniary interest in the Knowle Park Initiative Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 21.44.27.pngPlanning application that was refused last week by Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee.

Some guessed it was having free lettuce for life; but when we explained the lettuces, that have, according to our research,  been gracing the shelves of Waitrose and other Supermarket chains for many years –  cannot be grown there any more because the “greenhouses are redundant,” that can’t be the reason, can it  ? 

Another said they believed it was because Councillor Ellis had been chairing all the “secret meetings” until they did not remain “secret” any more after the “secret meetings” became common knowledge when all was revealed by the Waverley Web and he felt bad about all the “secrets” he and Councillor Sennett had shared with all Cranleigh’s wannabe builders!

One Cranleigh resident said he was convinced the reason they withdrew, was to leave Councillor Mary Foryszewski alone and isolated to battle it out all  for Cranleigh. They also believed  that part of the Knowle Park Initiative team had made an official complaint against her to Waverley’s Monitoring Officer days before the application was to be heard, in the  hope that she could be prevented from going to the meeting and making the impassioned speech that brought the support of her colleagues, and resulted in the application being refused.

Another wannabe developer, claimed that he had, never before, experienced such sculduggery as was going on in Cranleigh  and described the atmosphere in the village –  particularly among local county, borough and parish councillors as “absolutely poisonous.”

Now the knives are out to remove Mary Foryszewski, or Cranleigh’s Very Own Boudicca as she has now been nicknamed, from the Chairmanship of the Parish Council and Councillor Ellis is being parachuted into the premier position of Chairman of Waverley’s Eastern  Planning Committee – where he will get two votes – instead of just one.

If you have a better explanation – answers to:mailto:contact@waverleyweb.org and the best answer gets a bottle or two!

WW bets that the duo will have been spinning like a top to the Surrey Advertiser!.

Interestingly we have just heard  that the Councillors Ellis are on a slow boat to…


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  1. I thought that parish and borough councillors were put in their position by the people that they represent, it is not their own private club to do want they want and have child like behaviour when it does not go their way. Do they actually take into account what people that live in cranleigh want, perhaps they need to get on the streets and explain to people what exactly they think THEY are doing. IT IS NOT A PRIVATE CLUB, CERTAIN COUNCILLORS CANNOT REMOVE AND REPLACE OTHER COUNCILLORS AT THEIR WHIMES BECAUSE IT IS NOT GOING THEIR WAY REMEMBER WHAT YOU ARE THERE FOR NOT YOURSELVES.

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