POW! Gives Waverley Council a good drubbing?

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They act more like Laurel and Hardy every day!


The Protect Our Waverley Group was out this week giving Waverley Borough Council a smack around the head saying its Daft Delayed Local Plan was leaving the whole borough naked and vulnerable.

Oh Dear Waverley Council – you have now managed to get the East of the borough as mad as the West – and there we were thinking no-one could get as mad as our Farnham residents.

Willie the Web has a cunning plan – perhaps if everyone in Waverley gets really, really mad and they combine forces – they could actually do something about this inept, dishonest, undemocratic, bunch that is turning our borough into a concrete factory? Just a thought.

In the meantime – the group that set out to stop Dunsfold New Town and now Cranleigh New Town – has begun to realise that new towns are a’coming to the East whether they like it or not.

A member of POW  contacted us to  say that Alfold Parish Council Chairman Nick Pidgeon (who by the way is making a quick getaway out of Alfold to live in the quiet of the West country, sensible man!) told the public at a parish council meeting this week that Dunsfold Park’s , 1,850 houses, are being included in the Local Plan.

Gasp! Shock! horror! and there were we at the Waverley Web thinking that we have been saying since this blog was born/hatched/erupted/ a few months back that it was pretty obvious Waverley want to concentrate most of  its housing in Cranleigh and the surrounding villages to make CRANLEIGH NEW TOWN because there are far more houses proposed in Cranleigh  & DUNSFOLD NEW VILLAGE. 

The public and the POW group agreed Waverley Council has – no Vision! Well there’s a surprise – when did they  discovere that little pearl!

That there are no checks or balances there – because it is Tory controlled – and even the tory backbenchers can’t  challenge their master, in public,  because they are a bunch of wimps?

At the public meeting villagers heard that  Surrey County Council Highway Authority – or Councillor Alan Young – has convinced everyone that all Cranleigh New Towns’ traffic will be going through Shere, and Shamley Green/Wonersh.

Lies. They have already persuaded developers’ “at secret meetings” to agree to make road improvements to ensure safer access onto the A281 at Nanhurst Crossways – but everyone over there knows they will travel on the country lanes – Wildwood Lane and Alfold Road onto the A281 at guess where? Dunsfold Park of course – who will then presumably have to make all the very expensive highway improvements to the A281! Should be fun for motorists dicing with death as HGV’s pound through the lanes – one every nine minutes for the next 5 years on their way to Cranleigh Brick and Tile!

What is POW going to do? They hope to …Work with Waverley,” oh well – that’s alright then! If they succeed it will be a first. The only people that work with Waverley are… you guessed…developers!

Ask for another public Consultation.    Asked the Secretary of State to Call the appliation in,  he says – “he will consider it.”

Ask people to oppose Dunsfold Park – why?  Because it is the only site that can – build schools – it already has the Jigsaw School operating from the site – deals with its own SHITE – provide its own power – through its solar farm – and can provide as much infrastructure as is required  on an existing employment/brown field  site that will soon have a Bio Digester we hear. Councillor Ames – shame on you for lying through your teeth- you told the public there were no shops, no schools, no infrastructure and even no parking. WW is not ageist but really you must go back to your knitting, and knit yourselves balaclava! 

Did the POW group convince the public? – there were only a handful of Alfold people there – all the rest were from Dunsfold/Hascombe/Loxwood around 25 – so we’re  told by Alfold villagers? Quite simply No – but one thing everyone did agree  on…

 Not having a Local Plan has paved the way for the East of Waverley to become a housing dumping ground! and surprise-surprise! WBC has no vision; has fostered the division of  the whole borough; – has no Plan B; is covering the borough with planning blight; ignores its own planning consultation procedures; – is waiting for guidance on highway issue concerning the A3 – whilst allowing developers – to pass GO pick up their planning approvals and laugh all the way to the Bank with their Monopoly money!

and even they … won’t be able to use Cranleigh’s HSBC Bank – because its closing down!

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