Perhaps, it is time for change in Godalming?

Tory domination in  the now highly politicised parish and  town councils around the Borough could soon be challenged in Godalming.

Once, and some would say the good old days,  public spirited folk  joined councils’ ranks to do the right thing by the people they sought to represent. All that changed just a few years ago when Politics with a great big P became the name of the game!

However, the people of Godalming are striking back. They have called a by-election to prevent the Tories from co-opting another of their party to fill a vacancy prompted by the resignation of a disenchanted Tory councillor. Joy Woodham threw in the towel due to “irreconcilable differences” with her Conservative colleagues. Well – there’s a surprise then! Because from what WW is hearing around the Waverley Borough there are so many Tories with irreconcilable differences that you couldn’t find a room big enough to shove them all in.

This is what we heard from a follower of WW…

Re your article dated Dec 31. This is just to let you know that Godalming and Haslemere Labour mobilised and managed to gather the signatures required to force a by-election in Godalming Central and Ockford. Labour has an excellent candidate, Lewis Curtis, currently a student at Godalming College. The Lib Dems and the Conservatives are also putting candidates forward. Whatever the result, at least it won’t be the Tory shoe-in everyone expected and given the narrow margins in this ward in May 2015 we may even end up with a lone non-Conservative voice in the Town Council, which is a marked improvement on none at all.


Well done Godalming! Sock it to em and good luck!

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