Desperate or what?

Is Desperation now the name of the game among some developers beating a path to the Eastern door of the Waverley Borough.

No surprise there then – No Daft Local Plan – No Chief Planning Officer,  planning applications being weighed in rather than just stamped…now the man known locally as The Flying Dutchman eager to make millions wants to know if anyone  wants an affordable home in West Cranleigh.

S** a long-standing employment site being sacrificed and  the jobs it generated for many years for the locals.   S** the horticultural products  that provides food for the country’s tables and s** the flooding, traffic generated on narrow country roads – particularly Elmbridge and onto the A281. Because there is money – real money to be made building houses.

emailed  to  WW  last (Friday) by a Cranlegh follower.
“There was a lady in the High Street today doing a survey on “Future Housing Needs in Cranleigh”.
So I stopped and did the survey. She said she worked for an independent market research company.
Quite a long survey, asking questions like “Do you think Cranleigh needs more affordable housing”. Late in the survey, she asked “and are you in favour of the KPI site bringing all these benefits to Cranleigh” or something like that.
She asked me my name and contact details and said they did this to 10% of all respondents (I didn’t believe that and I’m sure she asks everyone!).
The interesting question is though, why has KPI paid for this survey to be done so late in the planning process?”
Has anyone else been asked to do this survey and provided their name and address?

Are you actually allowed to accost people in the street, ask them a load of general questions when it is obvious that the object of the exercise is to gain support for – a live planning application!

This isn’t about providing affordable homes – this is about making gilders – euros – pounds -lots of them so let’s be open and  honest!

A great many people are contacting the Waverley Web asking if all these devious, greedy developers could s** off back from whence they came!

Here is some information taken from the Cranleigh Society website about the new application which replaced an identical application! Devious or what! And four Cranleigh Councillors – including The Ellis duo, who  called the application in, are supporting it all the way to the Joint Planning Committee. The same Ellis’s that claim Cranleigh High Street will soon be brought to a standstill if proposed development goes ahead! Unbelievable!  There we were in the Western part of the borough thinking that some of our councillors failed to represent the views of Farnham residents  and sought permission from HM The Queen for leave to sever our links with Waverley Borough Council altogether – perhaps next time we will ask Cranleigh to join us in our attempts to leave this rotten borough.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 20.34.42.png

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 20.35.28.png

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 20.36.25.png

If you were fooled by the Survey carried out by the Knowle Park Initiative,which was quite obvious not a general housing survey but research bought and paid for by the KPI. Write to your local councillor, write to WBC and tell them exactly why you believe you were duped!

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