WW’s New Year Honour’s List.

Telling porkies is becoming such a habit for  Waverley Borough Councillors that we have done some investigation to reveal just some of the inaccuracies, avoidance of the truth and downright lies perpetrated by some…

Including Farnham’s  Potty One tipped as the next Leader to take the helm from Haslemere’s Robert Knowless. That is of course if the new former Bobby  doesn’t beat her to it.

Cllr Potts’ the Elephant In The Room, re Waverley’s Local Plan (Council 15.12.15)



Deputy Leader Cllr Julia Potts (Con., Upper Hale Farnham) states Waverley Leadership’s position on the draft Local Plan saying,  we shouldn’t necessarily assume that just 1800 homes at Dunsfold will be acceptable, and that they’re trying to get the Secretary of State to allow them to ignore the determining constraints by allowing a two-stage Local Plan. 

As she did at the Executive meeting two weeks earlier, Cllr Potts again forgot to mention that of the two crucial Reports awaited to evidence the direction being taken in the Spatial Strategy, the determining Natural England (NE) Report on the heathland Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and the efficacy of ‘Suitable Assessible Natural Greenspace (SANGs), has been delayed.  As it has since 2007. 

Since the disastrous news from the November 2015 Joint Strategic Partnership Board (JSPB) Meeting the NE Report has become the elephant in the room, and being as keen as Cllr Brian Ellis to stuff the borough full of new housing and cause the extinction of endangered species with impunity, the Council’s Leadership simply have to lie, pretend and plough on regardless, to another costly and inevitable failure of its Daft Local Plan.    

However, Cllr Potts  is not alone, and WW felt now was the time to reminisce – after all, it is the time of year for looking back over another year without a Local Plan and shortly to be without a Chief planning Officer to see it through! However, in view of the fact that few councillors  listened to his advice perhaps the Knowless One will head up the planning department! God help us!

Several other borough councillors have been misleading us all over the £200,000 fraud.  Who told who, when and how, but not why.

Elstead Cllr Jenny Else  confused everyone on the joint planning committee – read Confused.com – no on second thoughts don’t – at least not so soon after a Christmas hangover.

In Cranleigh, borough councillors have been so busy having secret meetings with developers they haven’t had much time for anything else.  WW is sorry to hear from its followers over there that Brian Ellis  is ill and we wish him a speedy recovery because the developers’ over there need the Ellis duo to get their developments’  through.

If you’re sitting on the sofa, surrounded by the detritus of Christmas past and there is nothing much on the telly – page down the posts to…The Cranleigh Warbler…   In a nutshell – he thinks the combination of  Global Warming, and exit from the European Union, the protected areas of Farnham could be ditched, saving Cranleigh from development.  The same  councillor who has had more secret meetings with developers to create Cranleigh New Town than the elderly have had Meals on Wheels. Hypocrisy or what…

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 21.02.51

He and his colleagues have even stabbed Cranleigh Parish Councillor Mary Foryszewski in the back bringing WBC’s Monitoring Officer into the parish proceedings to rap her over the knuckles for not allowing the Stennett husband and wife duo to work together, despite Mr Stennett not being a member of the planning committee. They have had enough of Mrs Foryszewski ruling the planning committee roost, so Stennett and Ellis are joining their wives on the planning committee – that will teach her, and the other two powerful women, to get above themselves.

Godalming Town Council hasn’t been sweetness and light either. Councillor Joy Woodham resigned before her bottom warmed the seat due to “irreconcilable differences with her Conservative colleagues.” WW hopes there will be a By-election but no doubt another Con councillor will be co-opted. That’s  how it normally works.

Two parish councillors have also  resigned at Cranleigh. One because he hardly ever turns up (yet another paper candidate put up to keep out a Lib Dem) the other moving to Guildford – too far to travel? WW has heard they want to co-opt the Big Cheese back.

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  1. Re your article dated Dec 31. This is just to let you know that Godalming and Haslemere Labour mobilised and managed to gather the signatures required to force a by-election in Godalming Central and Oxford. Labour has an excellent candidate; Lewis Curtis; currently a student at Godalming College. The Lib Dems and the Conservatives are also putting candidates forward. Whatever the result, at least it won’t be the Tory shoe-in everyone expected and given the narrow margins in this ward in May 2015 we may even end up with a lone non-Conservative voice in the Town Council, which is a marked improvement on none at all.

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