How to make friends and influence people!

Or how not to…in Waverley’s case.

So busy was the Council defending its decision to increase car parking charges across the borough by 7.5 % that it turned on…would you believe…yup

The good old Surrey Advertiser – for putting up “banner headlines.” Or as it is called in some quarters – reporting the facts.

Even  Mayor –  Rubber Band waded in – hasn’t anyone told him to shut up and put up over controversial matters and open fetes  whilst he is  part of the elite Chain gang! Its called etiquette.

There they were at the Full – almost empty Council meeting – on Tuesday congratulating themselves on their efforts to persuade motorists from shopping in all the major town and village car parks in Waverley. So they put  up charges so even more people will go on line.

However, one councillor said he would like to see “a more enlightened policy”in future, to help retailers – “not commuters, though they are, he admitted, a “useful part of the community.”  One or two hours could be provided to shoppers – “free” on occasions. Sorry couldn’t name him the webcast wasn’t working – again…and thank you for calling us commuters  who battle in the traffic and try to find a seat on the train “useful.”

Then Cllr Tom Martin  chipped in with a tirade. (Shoot the Messenger we think its called) – in this case, the Surrey Ad – who, he said, had only just increased its own cover charge by 5 pence to £1.  Up shot the Mayor with his five pennorth – “not the first increase in the past few months either.” he called.

Not being one to sit idly by and not give his opinion, (obviously hadn’t heard the adage – “better to be silent and thought to be a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt,)”  Council Leader Robert Knowless said “the Surrey Ad needs to look at its own charging policy – now maybe even less people will read it.” 

Oh dear Bobby Knowless – time to go back on the beat WWethinks..might find yourself on the front page next week. By the way, the public has “choice” whether or not it buys the Surrey Ad, motorists however have no choice but to use the car parks!



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