Grovel, grovel…

WW pledged to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and we will. So, if we make a mistake, we will set the record straight and apologise.

In one of our first posts in September we posted an article called ‘All Aboard’In it, we mentioned that there were a number of people/councillors who wanted to, or had jumped on board, the developers bandwagon that is rolling through Waverley.

WW would therefore like to apologise to Richard Cleaves, the Chairman of Ewhurst Parish Council, for claiming that his family owned a property.  Because we were technically correct –  he had, as we had claimed, sought a screening opinion from WBC on the possibility of building 22 homes at Tree Tops, Mapledrakes Rd, Ewhurst, owned by his late father. We have been advised that Tree Tops was sold in September to… wait for it… the Surrey County Council husband and wife duo…. Surrey County Councillor for Cranleigh and Ewhurst, Alan Young and his wife  Victoria Young, Surrey County Councillor for The Eastern Villages.

WW hopes you remembered to ask for a share in the mega profits, should the development for which you sought an informal screening opinion comes to fruition – if you didn’t – silly old you…

Councillor Young, in addition to being busy moving into his new home, has been equally busy engaging in numerous secret meetings along with his Waverley Borough Council colleagues with a bevy of developers including Berkeley Homes; Thakeham Homes; Crownhall Estates; The Knowle Park Initiative and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all…  

So, our sincere apologies to Councillor Cleaves – we have put the record straight, so ‘your friend’ need not take the legal action you threatened.

Watch out Ewhurst, you may have a very keen developer in your midst! He might even give the village drummer boy a run for his money.






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