Care Ashore or Care Assured?

careashore-logo-200_4Some very worrying claims are being made in Alfold, concerning the Charity that wants to build homes, more than doubling the size of the village.

Can it possibly be true that Care Ashore – or those  running the charity – are telling porkies about the Seafarers they claim they are caring for, and for whom they say they need more homes? It couldn’t possibly be true – or could it  that the ‘friendly charity,’ as it likes to be known and  claims to be  cash strapped,  is actually providing homes for the staff  who work there and their families.

Actual Seafarers appear be in short supply.

Trevor-Goacher-100bFrom those with their ears close to the ground, it would appear that the actual picture is somewhat different. The spin given by developers Thakeham Homes and Care Ashore’s Chief Executive, (or as he is referred to at the charity, Trevor  ‘Bully Boy’ Goacher) is not quite what it seems.Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 19.05.00

hollyoak-ownership-detailsApparently staff and family occupy the following houses No.2, No.6, No.7, No.8, No.9, No.14, No.15, No.16, No.17, No.18, No.22 and No.23 Springbok Cottages. Plus one or two staff in the Anchor Flats/Cunard Mews. Other properties on the estate once owned  by the Charity have been sold off to private buyers.

Where do you think the CEO and his wife and daughter live… in a bungalow called  Hollyoak, on Loxwood Road – bought and paid for by the Charity for £550,000, (see the Land Registry details above and below).It could also provide an alternative access to the development site off Loxwood Road.

Our best estimate is that there could be between 25 – 35 people non-Seafarers living in the Charity’s properties that are specifically meant for… yup… you guessed it… former Seafarers.

So, if you give a pound to Care Ashore – how much actually goes to the Charity to provide homes for Seafarers? Sounds to us, that the landlubbers are doing quite nicely thank you.

We do hope Thakeham Homes reveal this at the next “secret” meeting they hold with all the other developers eager to concrete over agricultural land around the Waverley villages. Because the reason they claim they need to build the homes, is to house poor old seafarers that would otherwise be homeless. Perhaps the developers or the Charity have a different spin on things? WW would like to know and are always available to  hear what they have to say.

And here they go again… Thakeham Homes  or should it be Take-em Homes, want to help another Sussex Charity to keep going… ow public spirited of them

2 thoughts on “Care Ashore or Care Assured?”

  1. No one in springbok calls Trevor Goacher bully boy, they are your slanderous words and if you so happened to actually spend time with the people up at care ashore, you will see for yourself just what they do. but like you and all the others they quickly judge Trevor and his staff, for trying to make a brighter future and for trying to bring a bigger development so he and his amazing team can make others life just a little easier or so they can have rest bite. It concerns me that most of you reading this will automatically think Trevor as a evil man. But you have no idea who he is and what he is really like all you see is something someone has mastered up as they can’t be bothered to take time and get to know him away from all this development talk. Think before you act on these words some people may be affected about what you say!

  2. Is that REALLY true? I have heard otherwise as obviously others have – which is why this was posted I guess…The elderly should be cared for and not bullied into submission – which was fairly obvious with the submissions to WBC where the same format was used for multiple submissions – So please do not think we are against the people Living there we are NOT
    Denise Wordsworth (Lord)
    Ps Not afraid to say who I am

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