Is WBC really considering ‘the big D’?

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Could it be that Waverley  Council has discovered that it has, what every other borough in Surrey lusts after… a whopping big brownfield site – with owners who say they want to develop it? 

No! It couldn’t be… or could it?

Some of the dummies at WBC, aided by some of the great & good who live around the airfield have opposed development at Dunsfold for yonks. Some of whom are actually developers themselves. Hypocrites!

Let’s not harp on about the recent mistakes on that side of the borough (e.g. planning permission already granted on two  green fields in Cranleigh) but some may remember Waverley spending half a million pounds – (not counting officers time)  of our money, opposing the Dunsfold Eco village when it was owned by Scottie & Co, more than 5 years ago.

Now it seems our borough council  may just be listening to what 80% of the public said when consulted last year. In a nutshell the public consultation revealed residents views were:

“Don’t build on our green fields until our brown field sites have been used.” 

Could it be that finally – when it may be too late the planning officers  have got the message.. It has even been revealed that the A281 Guildford to Horsham Road, is ‘the least congested road in Surrey‘. (yeah, right!) Councillors were told that ‘congestion’ cannot be used as a reason for refusal only ‘safety considerations.’ But there you go…better late than never…let’s hope for Cranleigh and the border villages’ sake not – too late!

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