Not something else Waverley would prefer we didn’t know?


With no notice, the ‘very useful and well used’ Pay By Phone service has been withdrawn suddenly, with no warning, by WBC.

We and many of our followers, wonder why? Will we be told? What is even more important, will councillors be told? And if they are, will only some be told behind closed doors?

Former copper, Councillor Kevin Deanus, Portfolio Holder for Operational Services,  said it was

“in order to protect the interests of  our customers and the interests of the council, we have taken the decision to stop providing the service, as the issues have not been resolved.”

What issues, we wonder…

Now customers will have to pay at the metre – and we know what that means don’t we..? Look back on the our post, Dick Turpin Rides Again and see for yourselves how much money was gained in 2012/13 from not giving change in the car park machines. 


Could Waverley be on the move?

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 16.59.10

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 17.18.56Surprise, surprise! Is it possible that Waverley Borough Council has had a  



moment and has decided to move its HQ???? We at WW have noticed on Agenda for the Executive  meeting on Tuesday December 1st that members will be asked to consider the following item…

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.54.41.png

Perhaps you better start packing guys and gals? Any ideas on where they are going… Answers on a postcard please… or

Care Ashore or Care Assured?

careashore-logo-200_4Some very worrying claims are being made in Alfold, concerning the Charity that wants to build homes, more than doubling the size of the village.

Can it possibly be true that Care Ashore – or those  running the charity – are telling porkies about the Seafarers they claim they are caring for, and for whom they say they need more homes? It couldn’t possibly be true – or could it  that the ‘friendly charity,’ as it likes to be known and  claims to be  cash strapped,  is actually providing homes for the staff  who work there and their families.

Actual Seafarers appear be in short supply.

Trevor-Goacher-100bFrom those with their ears close to the ground, it would appear that the actual picture is somewhat different. The spin given by developers Thakeham Homes and Care Ashore’s Chief Executive, (or as he is referred to at the charity, Trevor  ‘Bully Boy’ Goacher) is not quite what it seems.Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 19.05.00

hollyoak-ownership-detailsApparently staff and family occupy the following houses No.2, No.6, No.7, No.8, No.9, No.14, No.15, No.16, No.17, No.18, No.22 and No.23 Springbok Cottages. Plus one or two staff in the Anchor Flats/Cunard Mews. Other properties on the estate once owned  by the Charity have been sold off to private buyers.

Where do you think the CEO and his wife and daughter live… in a bungalow called  Hollyoak, on Loxwood Road – bought and paid for by the Charity for £550,000, (see the Land Registry details above and below).It could also provide an alternative access to the development site off Loxwood Road.

Our best estimate is that there could be between 25 – 35 people non-Seafarers living in the Charity’s properties that are specifically meant for… yup… you guessed it… former Seafarers.

So, if you give a pound to Care Ashore – how much actually goes to the Charity to provide homes for Seafarers? Sounds to us, that the landlubbers are doing quite nicely thank you.

We do hope Thakeham Homes reveal this at the next “secret” meeting they hold with all the other developers eager to concrete over agricultural land around the Waverley villages. Because the reason they claim they need to build the homes, is to house poor old seafarers that would otherwise be homeless. Perhaps the developers or the Charity have a different spin on things? WW would like to know and are always available to  hear what they have to say.

And here they go again… Thakeham Homes  or should it be Take-em Homes, want to help another Sussex Charity to keep going… ow public spirited of them

The Cranleigh Warbler…warbling…

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 19.19.06

It seems Waverley won’t let us share their YouTube video, but if you click the link you can find Cllr Ellis’ question between 1.07.15 and 1.07.50 on the recording.

click on this video…and you may not be mistaken in thinking the lunatics have taken over the asylum…

No really, WW hasn’t lost the plot – at least not quite…

This is a picture of the Dartford Warbler, the very same little bird that a Waverley councillor is hoping will migrate North due to climate change, so the famous habitat around Farnham can be built on…thus saving Cranleigh from developers.

Cranleigh Councillor Brian Ellis, told a WBC committee there will be a Referendum in 2017 to determine whether to leave the EU. If this were to  happen would  there be a need for sites of Special Protection, such as the habitat occupied by  the endangered little warbler in Farnham?....

Oh God if only all Waverley’s warblers could become an endangered species….dream on... 

…due to climate change, he said, the bird will fly North.  So Farnham would then lose its special protection from development, thus saving Cranleigh from developers.

Is this the same Cranleigh councillor  that together with some of his colleagues are working hard, holding secret meetings, with a gang of developers  to ensure Cranleigh does become a New Town!  He and his wife even went to the trouble for one developer, whose application for almost 300 homes was about to be refused by the officers’ under delegated powers, that he asked them to withdraw it, re-submit so he could have it called in and considered by Waverleys full planning committee colleagues!

By the way followers if you want to TWEET this please feel free. SORRY we just couldn’t help ourselves!

Well – that’s all right then. Developers off you go. Don’t build on the borough’s Brown fields or its green fields go and sling your  concrete at Farnham instead!

Oh dear we can feel a gin and tonic coming on..better have one too Councillor Ellis…before you pop out to look for Cranleigh’s little Warbler…in the mirror perhaps?



Is WBC really considering ‘the big D’?

Haslemere Herald.15.11.19 - Councillors' anger in the battle to find more homes copy

Could it be that Waverley  Council has discovered that it has, what every other borough in Surrey lusts after… a whopping big brownfield site – with owners who say they want to develop it? 

No! It couldn’t be… or could it?

Some of the dummies at WBC, aided by some of the great & good who live around the airfield have opposed development at Dunsfold for yonks. Some of whom are actually developers themselves. Hypocrites!

Let’s not harp on about the recent mistakes on that side of the borough (e.g. planning permission already granted on two  green fields in Cranleigh) but some may remember Waverley spending half a million pounds – (not counting officers time)  of our money, opposing the Dunsfold Eco village when it was owned by Scottie & Co, more than 5 years ago.

Now it seems our borough council  may just be listening to what 80% of the public said when consulted last year. In a nutshell the public consultation revealed residents views were:

“Don’t build on our green fields until our brown field sites have been used.” 

Could it be that finally – when it may be too late the planning officers  have got the message.. It has even been revealed that the A281 Guildford to Horsham Road, is ‘the least congested road in Surrey‘. (yeah, right!) Councillors were told that ‘congestion’ cannot be used as a reason for refusal only ‘safety considerations.’ But there you go…better late than never…let’s hope for Cranleigh and the border villages’ sake not – too late!

Surrey Advertiser… Read all about it…surreyad copy

Amlets Park SOLD!

Amlets Park, in Amlets Lane, Cranleigh has been sold to Cala Homes.


The highly controversial site was owned by the Roberts family, who lived in the village for many years. They offered the land to Cranleigh Parish Council in the 1980s for a peppercorn payment of £1.00, which it subsequently turned down. The site has been sold today for an undisclosed sum.


The detailed planning application for 125 homes has already been examined  by Waverley Borough Council’s planing experts and it is expected that building will commence in the middle of next year.


The site, which is adjacent to private houses and opposite St Josephs’ School, was granted outline planning approval by a narrow margin of just two votes at a full planning meeting of Waverley Borough Council in September 2014.

The site leads off Barhatch Lane and Horseshoe Lane and was believed by planning officers and some councillors to be an ideal site close to the village, with no flooding history, and with easy pedestrian/cycle  links into the village and local schools.

amlets_3A spokesman for the Roberts family said shortly after planning permission was granted, that he was determined that when the site was sold, it would contain green space, a community building and whilst providing much needed homes, would also be an asset to the village.This vision will be continued by the new owner.

On Monday, Cllr Maurice Byham told a Waverley Committee that whilst recognising it would be very painful, for Cranleigh to take development, it was better than building homes on brownfield sites.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 17.01.11

You are right Mr Robini – fraud is a very serious matter.


Who knew, what, when, and how, but definitely not why, a £200,000 fraud wasn’t revealed before the May election.











Yes, former WBC Councillor for Haslemere Robini – you are of course, quite right. As a well-respected Surrey Police Officer, if anyone should how serious fraud is… you should. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.53.01

But hang on… Don’t we have a former Police Officer leading Waverley Borough Council? But then he and his team didn’t want any more of your lot, (Councillor Robini was a former Lib Dem, Waverley councillor) there to   question every move, after all, that smacks of democracy!  So they covered up the fraud… waited… hoping no-one would blow the whistle …Ah, but they did…  and it was a member of staff no less… brave man/woman that you are. Please contact us at

This is the response to a formal question from Hugo Alexander of UKIP to   the Overview  & Scrutiny  (hereinafter referred to as the “Never view and bury it committee” last Monday.  He wanted to know who actually hid the fraud:

Here are the people who knew all about it – did you vote them back in..? But you didn’t know then did you!

Brian Adams; Carole King; Robert Knowles; Tom Martin; Julia Potts; Comrade Stefan Reynolds; Simon Thornton; Jenny Else; Mike Band; Tony Gordon-Smith, Simon Isherwood; Wyatt Ramsdale; Stewart Stennett.

Past councillors,Donal O’Neill; Jennifer (never to be seen O’Grady;) Richard Gates; Adam-Taylor Smith;

What a merry little bunch. But don’t forget they argue the information was in the Audit Papers!

Screen Shot

If you have ever wondered how planning applications ever get through the system, watch the WBC webcast of the Eastern Area Planning Committee meeting on the 12th August 2015 and see how it should not be done. Unless someone has trashed it! The best bits start at about 1.14.38  if you can’t face watching the whole thing! Just watch from 1.18.35 – 1.22.I

If you just can’t face it, take our word for it – it’s bad, really bad.

So knotted, were the knickers of Councillor Jenny Else chairing   – or  attempting  to chair the Eastern Area Planning Committee, that it was difficult to determine what the eventual decision was. Even the applicant was totally baffled, bothered and bewildered. Particularly when someone suggested asking him in the public gallery what he though they should do and would he like to withdraw the application.

Such a proverbial mess did she get into, over the Tortoise & Hare Bicycle shop’s application to extend its premises in Bramley High Street, that several members had to wade in and extricate her from the mess she was in.

Former Chairman, Cllr Brian Ellis visibly winced when after listening to suggestions, counter suggestions, and  more suggestions  how the scheme could be deferred, he tried to find a route out whilst they were still peddling furiously uphill getting nowhere. Thank God for Cranleigh Cllr Stewart Stenett, who, after  describing himself as The Common Cranleigh digger driver”, said: For goodness sake, let’s just defer it.”

Watch it for yourselves, if you can bear it, and pray your planning application has better luck. After all, it is possible Elsie may soon be on her bike. However, it is probably early days – she has only been a councillor for eight years, and it is a steep learning curve for some.

Thank God for the Cranleigh Digger Driver!

NEWLANDS CORNER – A better experience?

Newlands Corner here we come...

Newlands Corner here we come…

OH! what would we do without them. Those well meaning, over paid, highly pensioned Whalleys at Surrey County Council who have decided to give us all a better experience at the famous Surrey beauty spot at Newlands Corner at a cost of  £400,000.

Introducing the dumb idea, Councillor Mark Goodman, cabinet member for Environment and Planning, said the aim was to provide a better experience for everyone.


By introducing parking charges!

£1 up to 60 mins, £2 for for an hour to two hours, £3 for two to three hours and for more than three hours a flat charge just £4. Watch out!  here come the traffic wardens…

Says WW: By the way – if you also want to breathe the fresh clean air, and take in the views, throw SCC  another fiver why don’t you the new pension guru Alan Young is now in charge so no worries there then! 

Remember,  Councillor Goodman, said the aim was to ensure everyone can continue enjoying the Surrey countryside we all value. Ye, thanks for reminding us, to value the Surrey countryside, obviously a great deal more than you do, Waverley residents  have been walking there for years, and many are elderly.  Still never mind they can pop up and enjoy the Royal Surrey County Hospital car park for only slightly more!

OMG! Waverley Borough Council will be reading this blog and charging us for parking at all its beauty sports Devil’s Punchbowl/HankleyCommon/Frensham Ponds….Oops The National Trust is already doing that, but I am sure if it tries hard enough it will find one.

Newlands Corner attracts 550,000 visitors a year and Councillor Goodman and Co want to ensure the facilities there are improved to make The Surrey Wildlife Trust self-sufficient to enable Surrey County Council to gradually remove its funding.  How – we wonder? Perhaps a theme park might be a good idea, what about A Costa Coffee Shop or a Pound Shop.

The first will be a family play trail – what the hell is that all about? The second phase is a new building including a Cafe and Education experience – well that would be great – all Surrey County Councillors should pop along and be educated about what the public in Surrey want from their wide open spaces.

He says: If you can bear to hear it.

“Our ultimate aim is to make countryside sites become self-financing and this is the first stage.” 

YE gods – what’s the second stage? It wouldn’t be making a profit out of the treasured site, would it? Why leave the Surrey Hills untouched, surely you can make a few bob there too.

At least he makes one honest statement: “It is worth also noting there is heavy strain on budgeting from rising demand for adult social care and school places.” 

Ah! so that is what it is all about and there we were thinking that the county council would raise  the council tax.


See no evil – hear some evil?

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 11.03.47.pngScreen Shot 2015-11-17 at 19.55.43Is it a cunning plan to ensure the public don’t get the full picture of what is going on in the engine room at good ship Waverley?

On the council’s website it advertised the start of Monday’s  Overview& Scrutiny Committee as 7.p.m. It actually started at 6.30 pm! But then going by the drivel that was being churned out, and a chairman that couldn’t move on quickly enough from one of the most important matters to be debated this century to the “averse weather watch,” what did it matter.

Then if you look above to the latest web casts of planning meetings,  the video is faulty but the sound is ok! Actually not ok really because if you can’t see the video you don’t know which of our illustrious borough councillors are saying it – but then why would we want to know …