15.10.09 - Police inquiry after payouts to fraudlent accountWe at WW wonder why West Midlands Police are investigating this incident and why it took a whistleblower to reveal that Waverley’s  staff were duped into changing the payment details for a supplier and which resulted in a £200,000 fraud. Could the reason be that Surrey Police now share the council’s Bury Offices in Godalming and they are too close to home. Council Leader the infamous PC Bobby Knowles didn’t want to reveal that the council’s own internal procedures did not identify the problem which occurred on his watch! Isn’t it strange that press  releases abound when there is good news, but it is left to whistleblowers to tell the press when it is not so good.

WW welcomes whistleblowers – you can whistle to us with complete anonymity  just as  often as you like.

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