Despite being announced in the Media by a Cranleigh councillor over a week ago – Guildford, Waverley and Woking housing needs numbers have been published by three local authorities today.

The housing figure almost accurately  predicted by Councillor Jeannett Stennett – she said 500 – the figure announced on both Waverley and Guildford Borough Council’s websites is 519 per year for the period 2013 to 2033, but then she can be forgiven as she is a new councillor for not getting it quite right.

Waverley‘s Deputy Leader, Julia Potts, fails to mentioned in her press release below, that the single biggest constraint to building in Waverley is in the areas covered by the Thames Basin Heaths and the Wealden Heaths, mainly affecting the area around Farnham – but she does mention that constraints include traffic congestion and areas in the borough that are subject to flooding.

According to the report there will be a need for 18,111 open market homes required in Guildford, Waverley and Woking and 9,752 affordable homes across the three boroughs.

To read the report in full go to Waverley figure of 519 is on p169

The WBC Press Release can be found here.

2 October 2015
Local Housing Need Figures Published In Joint Strategic Housing Market AssessmentA joint study of housing need across Waverley, Guildford and Woking for the period 2013 to 2033 has been published today.The West Surrey Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) looks at how much housing is needed across the three boroughs. The report sets out an objectively assessed need for each council and the whole housing market area; the assessed need for housing in Waverley is 519 per year. The increase from 470 to 519 is due to the need to take into account the latest Government projections.Cllr Julia Potts, Deputy Leader of Waverley Borough Council said: “This is an important part of the evidence base for our new Local Plan. Now that we have a housing figure to work with we can now move forward and build on the progress we have already made in developing the new Local Plan.

“The council will continue to test the 519 figure against some considerable environmental constraints we have in Waverley such as congestion, transportation and flood risks and the council is gathering evidence to see if Waverley can accommodate this amount of housing. It is also important that the emerging Local Plan takes into account our many landscape designations and has the appropriate infrastructure in place to support any future housing.

“The most important thing is that any new homes are built in the right places and that the council works with Waverley residents to ensure it has the right strategy in place to meet our community’s needs over the coming years.”

In November 2015 Waverley’s Executive will be asked to endorse a Preferred Spatial Strategy. The Local Plan timetable is as follows:

November – March 2016 The council will identify the infrastructure required to support the preferred strategy and writing the Plan and its policies
March 2016 The council will test the draft plan and its policies:

· Sustainability Appraisal
· Habitats Regulations Assessment
· Whole Plan viability assessment

April 2016 The council will approve the plan for publication
July 2016 The council will submit the plan for examination

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