Hodge the Bodge won’t budge!

Of course David Hodge has survived a Vote of No Confidence Motion- but then, why wouldn’t he?


Tory controlled Surrey County Council has passed  a motion of confidence in their Leader David Hodge despite his very public row with the Government that brought assurances that it “DID NOT” Do any “Secret Deal” with ‘Your Surrey’ County Council to head  off a 15% council tax increase.

Despite Prime Minister Theresa May’s  insistence that there was NO ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ between David Hodge and the Government  and… despite the fact that Surrey’s Budget is now unravelling at the seams – all the Tory Tossers lined up behind their leader to enable him to hang onto Surrey’s reins and gallop towards, possibly  – Beechers Brook,  perhaps?

By 47 votes to eight  – all those sycophants – including all our Waverley Councillors – The Farnham Gal,  the Eastern Villages –  Alan AKA, (‘I’ve just been dropped’) Young,  and his wife the Queen Vic, – Farnham’s Riot Ramsdale & Farnham’s very own –  Touch of Frost, Peter Martin, David Harmer and Steve Cosser were among those who  ensured Hodge the Bodge was not ousted from  his very  hot seat … well at least not for the time being?

“Secret recordings” made by one of his ‘colleagues’ and sent to the BBC caused a furore, but  Hodge is sticking to his guns in the ‘Truth, Dare, Promise or Opinion’ board game now being played out between him and the  Government.

That threat of a Referendum might even have been a good ruse if he could have pulled it off!   But will Surrey taxpayers be the ones clutching  the mucky end of the stick he has now provided his Tory masters to  beat us with?

The Prime Minister visibly squirmed when she said: ‘No deal has been made with Surrey that has not been made available to other councils’ so to extract themselves from the mucky brown stuff we can see a different “deal/gentleman’s agreement/stitch up, being worked up in the darkest corners of Government to keep the local elections on track.”  

After all – this little debacle won’t damage the reputation of Surrey Council or the  Government,  because  Surrey’s   voting fodder will be out in their droves in a few weeks time to ensure we get more of the same – despite  someone  being economical with the truth? 

After all – the Tory Tossers are supremely confident that when the  Elections take place on  May 4th the results will reveal the voter’s verdict on this unedifying spectacle!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 08.52.46.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 08.23.59.png

But if you would like to hear  on Radio 4 how ‘Your Surrey’ has already lost £1.1  million  running its property company so far – listen here. 

Oh! and by the way Farnham followers – Le Gal won’t be among those seeking re-election – she’s  had an uplift – to scramble up that other TT’s  greasy power pole!  – The next step for an ambitious  career politician up from – Borough to  County…  onto the pinnacle of success she has striven for – Parliament. Bye-bye Farnham hello ?? – please let it be Blackpool !! 

Has Hodge the Bodge received promises from the Government of more money for ‘Your Surrey’ – or hasn’t he?


What sort of Fu**wit tells A Chamber full of Councillors – let’s face it they don’t come any more indiscreet – to keep SCHTUM about  “a secret deal with the Government for EXTRA money to kill off a Referendum for  a 15%  council tax hike!

Want to hear it for yourselves – listen here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-39198308

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 10.37.49.png

Lord Nelson is more likely to get his eye back than   councillors are to keep a secret. They regularly let slip more leaks than a colander, and now with technology available to  record discussion  it’s a daily doddle for leakers. The tape sent to the BBC  being a perfect  fine example. 

Now ‘Referendumleak’ has landed Surrey County Council’s Executive into heavy duty dog do! All of them – David Hodge, Peter Martin (also a Waverley councillor) and Helen Clack, you can also hear Denise Le Gal (another Waverley wally) asking if he has “done a deal.” Well if anyone knows about deals it’s the Farnham Gal! Ask the East Street campaigners?

So exactly who is telling the truth about ‘Referendumgate’ – The Government or Councillor Hodge CBE. Well our money, – not that the Waverley Web has much, – is on Hodge! Why – because the last place The Government want an embarrassing  upset is – SURREY – with the lucrative fringe on top, whose great and ‘good’ fund MP’s Jeremy Hunt – perhaps not he has just trousered £15m – Anne Milton and all the other TT’s , which includes half the Cabinet and the Conservative Party!

 Do we now get the scent of a Merger coming on in a bid to save money now this year’s Referendum has been sent to the shredder? Or will The Chancellor of the Exchequer do another “SECRET’ Deal with ‘Your Surrey” to keep it out of the proverbial S*1T it has got itself into. Let’s have your view on things please!

Because The Government has said in no uncertain terms – “There is no special deal for Surrey County Council and they will not receive any extra funding,  than  would not  otherwise be  provided.”

Oh dear – Another fine mess they’ve all got themselves into?

So the wholesale lies and duplicity that is ‘Your Waverley” has become a contagion  and now everyone is at it. The Tory Tossers seem incapable of telling the truth either locally or nationally. So who will  actually suffer?

The young, the old and the vulnerable – that’s who

But you know what? it wouldn’t matter what our masters voice said or did in Surrey! – The voting fodder will put  every single tainted one of them back in with a blue rosette up their Tory ar**s! at the forthcoming May county council elections – won’t they?

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