Are we all about to play the Waverley lottery?

One way or another they’re gonna getcha.

peter_vickers_waverleyWho is this grinning man? Why is he so happy? What crazy ideas does he have to help our local services? Well he is Peter Vickers – Waverley Borough Council’s Head of Finance no less.  This accountant-in-chief has come up with a thumping good idea of how to reduce the burden of the voluntary services in the borough of Waverley.

How? A WAVERLEY LOTTERY of course!

The Head of Finance can be heard in the clip below revealing his cunning plan to save the council £750,000 by ending funding to voluntary organisations such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Meals on Wheels, and old people’s day centres, and instead throwing the burden onto – yes you guessed US!

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 07.36.44

Click Play above to listen to Peter Vickers bright idea. Notice he never uses the words “Cut their pesky grants” but a rather accountant like “switch out their funding”. Such an elegant choice of words. Clearly the man is in a hole, and needs any suggestions you can make to balance the budget, without which Waverley will be bankrupt in 3 years time. If you do have a cost cutting idea, please help a man out and phone him on 01483 523539.