Will the new Prime Minister allow UCOG to drill at Dunsfold?

Prime Minister Liz Truss has promised no fracking without local support.

But what has she to say about granting oil & gas extraction licences on farmland in the face of massive opposition?

The Campaign to stop exploration at the controversial Loxley Field in Dunsfold has reached almost £33,000.

As a nature reserve in Waverley burns, CrowdJustice puts its weight behind – ‘ Stop drilling in Dunsfold.’

Here’s what ‘Your Waverley’ has to say:

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Liz Truss lifted the fracking ban recently – what will this mean for Dunsfold?

 A swathe of fracking licences across the country is the result.


Could this move drastically impact housing plans in ‘Your Waverley’?

 Not least the controversial HS2 route through Warwicks, Staffords and Cheshire. #Dunsfold is going to be busy @Williamweb1

All those nice new houses at the Dunsfold Park Garden Village and one of the largest gipsy sites in the country with fracking going on right underneath them as farmer Ashley Ward prepares to welcome UK Oil & Gas into his back garden next door? 

Farmer pulls the wool over Waverley Planners’ eyes – yet again.

The David & Goliath type fight is on to reverse the decision for UKOG to drill at Dunsfold.

A view on the Dunsfold gas debacle from a local.