Has ‘Your Waverley’ gone into its bunker?


When a  Waverley Scrutiny Committee met last night, did the Secret Squirrels decide that councillors should bury themselves in their bunker?

 The Waverley Web has noticed that more than ever before, numerous vital subjects and decisions are held behind closed doors. The bunker mentality is becoming a concern for many, including the press and the public. 

Thankfully, the chairman, Cllr Peter Martin & Farnham Cllr Jerry Hyman, insisted that some items were not considered in private.

However, the doors were slammed on items, including Cranleigh’s proposed new recreation centre.

Here are just a few.

One thought on “Has ‘Your Waverley’ gone into its bunker?”

  1. “Effective overview and scrutiny should: amplify the voices and concerns of the public; be led by independent people who take responsibility for their role drive improvement in public services.”

    How can this be done by excluding the public from this process? Whilst the financial case for the Cranleigh £30 million plus Leisure centre the 12 new homes must have been fully understood by the councillors before approving it. The financial liability rests with the council tax payers who also have a right to transparency for these risked financial cases, where the assumptions may not be prudent and sustainable.

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