Water outages continue in Waverley & Guildford continue.

Cllr Paul Follows keeps residents in the loop over water outages whilst the Chancellor pulls rank!

 Waverley’s leader has been working tirelessly to keep bottled water supplies available and keep residents & businesses with up-to-date information.

The Chancellor has kept the plumply salaried head honchos of the Environment Agency and Thames Water on speed dial. He also took time off from bean counting to appear on every TV and Radio station possible to register. His concern for the area he intends to represent at the forthcoming General Election. 

MP Jeremy Hunt has found time between “growing the economy” to register his disgust at the nightmare week endured by thousands of residents in Guildford & Waverley forced to use bottled water. He described the impact on residents’ businesses and schools as “horrendous.”

According to Mr Hunt, Al Cochran, CEO of Thames Water, worked through the weekend “night and day” on the issue.

 Jeremy Hunt floats his boat on raw sewage with former Thames Water Boss Sarah Bentley. 

Perhaps Mr Hunt told him the issue affecting various parts of the borough for many years. On every borough-wide major planning application, Thames Water claim they can maintain the water supply and deal with surface water and sewage!

Cllr Paul Follows – Godalming Central and Ockford

Paul Follow. Leader of ‘Your Waverley.’

 Issues remain in GU5 here in Waverley (specifically Bramley) and GU1 and GU2 in Guildford due to a new issue at Ladymead that started yesterday evening.

TW has taken the sections re: GU5 off of their website, but rest assured; we are still chasing them to get things sorted.
A few areas in Charterhouse ward over here had some impact overnight. I gather this is fine now, and the collective wisdom was the impacted houses were on roads connected to the water tower.
➡️ Please see updates from GBC councillors on the sections in Guildford. Officers are sending me all updates on this development and I will report here accordingly.
⛔️ Could you respond to this post with a location/road if you are still without water in Waverley?
➡️ Bottled water stations Crown Court, Artington, and the Burton Pavilion (Milford) have now ALL CLOSED AND WILL NOT BE REOPENING, we are told, and a site is being set up at the SPECTRUM LEISURE CENTRE to support the new issues in Guildford.
💧 Please let me know if you are in Waverley and need bottled water.
➡️ I have raised several issues flagged to me by a number of residents that TW are not being particularly helpful regarding individual issues (some parts of house working, some not, etc.). You need to contact TW and get an individual service ticket.
✳️ I put up a fairly lengthy post a couple of nights ago on some of the issues around the outside of this (covering things like recycling, compensation, etc.) and rather than repost that; I will just share the link below:
Cllr Paul Follows
Leader, Waverley Borough and Godalming Town Councils

5 thoughts on “Water outages continue in Waverley & Guildford continue.”

  1. Pointless Fellows using FB to communicate – many of us do not use social media and have no desire to do so. An email or snail mail would do the trick.

  2. Too many new homes and insufficient infrastructure to cope. We all knew what was going to happen but still government and the Planning Inspectorate pressed on and continue to do so. It’s a total shambles with morons at Thames Water, central and local government

  3. Agree too for many homes are being built in the locality with insufficient infrastructure to accommodate them. However the utilities are only statutory Consultees it is for the Local Planning Authority to confirm that there is suitable and sufficient utility capacity after taking their advice. However too few consider this capacity constraint.

    An absurdity is that the planning applicant does not have to pay for the assessment of utility capacity and statutory consultee advice that an Environmental Impact Assessment is required can be rejected with impunity.

  4. Jeremy Hunt can’t win! When he does his best to get problems addressed for his constituency he is criticised by envious political opponents and if is unable to comment on issues for any reason he faces abuse!

  5. It isn’t just that Thames water have problems with Supply in Waverley – But issues with Foul Water as we all know too well in Alfold – With the Poor residents of Clappers Meadow regularly having sewage overflows in the Bathrooms and Loos.
    And this little Gem from a report regarding just that for the New Thakeham Development Now called Loxwood Meadows or some other Rubbish – But at this stage in April it was just the Alfold Springbok Estate

    “Thames Water 19th April 2023 for Application: WA/2020/1684

    Alfold Springbok Estate, Alfold Network Reinforcement Statement

    2.4 Foul water drainage planning condition
    During consultation by Waverley Borough Council for the Alfold Springbok Estate planning
    application, Thames Water raised foul water capacity concerns due to ongoing drainage
    issues in the village.
    Condition 16 was added by Waverley Borough Council to the WA/2020/1684 planning
    application decision notice and reads as follows:
    16) The development shall not be occupied until written confirmation to the Local Planning
    Authority has been provided and approved to demonstrate that either: –
    (i) All upgrades required to accommodate the additional flows in to (freshwater) and out
    of (wastewater) the development have been completed; or
    (ii) A development and infrastructure phasing plan has been agreed with the Local
    Authority in consultation with Thames Water to allow development to be occupied. Where
    a development and infrastructure phasing plan is agreed, no occupation shall take place
    other than in accordance with the agreed development and infrastructure phasing plan.
    2.5 Sewerage Undertaker
    Thakeham Homes has confirmed that they have appointed a separate Sewerage Undertaker, under
    OFWAT New Appointee and Variation (NAV) process, to adopt and manage the onsite sewerage
    network once it has been built.
    A Bulk Discharge Agreement (BDA) is to be signed between both Sewerage Undertakers to enable
    sewerage from the new development site to be discharged into Thames Waters’ network.”
    So there you have it – They are passing the Buck to an Alternative Sewage Undertaker!!!!!

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