Good news Fenwicks on its way to Guildford.


How about some good news for Guildford – other than the other good news that Waverley Tories failed to file for divorce from ‘collaborating’ with the borough council?

Waverley’s partnership with Guildford is staying strong.

We have a contact who has the inside track on all things retail. In particular, the future of the iconic House of Fraser Building in Guildford High Street.

Ladies and gentlemen, dust off your credit cards and prepare for lift-off. 


According to our mole, Fenwicks is taking the first three floors of the iconic William Harvey building. Two floors will then be turned into luxury apartments. Yipee – WW wants one, two, three, maybe four!

A contractor has been appointed to remove all the fittings to provide a blank canvas for the popular retailer. It is even believed it might just open in time for Christmas.

So cheer up, folks; all is not lost. All those rumours about it coming 100% residential or becoming a hotel have been scuppered. Guildford High Street is back in business.

The end of an era.



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