MP’s pledge to sort out Guildford & Villages transport problems.

She made a pledge when Angela Richardson became the MP for Guildford and Waverley’s eastern villages.

  • To ‘Back Boris and Get Brexit done.” She achieved that.

  • To“re-purpose the Cranleigh to Guildford railway line.”

and last but not least:

  • “I want to reduce the traffic in Guildford by persuading the Government to construct a tunnel under Guildford.”

Angela Richardson Backing Boris

She most definitely backed Boris – that is until she didn’t!

Roads minister on A3 Guildford tunnel: 'Everything's always under consideration'
Road Minister Richard Holden’s response to Angie on the A3 Guildford tunnel recently was:
‘Everything’s always under consideration’
‘very early days to be looking at works on the scale of tunnelling the A3 under the town.
Guildford resident Howard Fisher told Our Angie…

The problem is that “improving” the A3 to let more traffic zoom past Guildford will not help the congestion in Guildford – if anything it’ll make it worse by bringing more traffic to Guildford. What a shame our MP doesn’t focus on improving support for public transport and help us get frequent, cheap and reliable buses and trains in Guildford. If she wants to tilt at windmills far better to push for the reinstatement of the rail line to Bramley and Cranleigh than tunnelling the A3.

Her silence on that suggestion is golden.


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