A Government Inspector has ruled that Waverley’s long-awaited Local Plan Part 2 has been approved.

Application Approved

On 13 March 2023, the Planning Inspectorate issued the Report on the Examination of the Waverley Borough Local Plan Part 2.  

Government Inspector Mr GJ Fort BA PGDip MCD MRTPI  has concluded that the Plan (with modifications) meets all the soundness and legal compliance tests.  

The Report, accompanied by an Annex containing the Main Modifications, can be inspected from the following locations:


3 thoughts on “‘YOUR WAVERLEY’S’ Local Plan Part 2 APPROVED.”

  1. Well for once WW – I am SO HAPPY!!
    I can’t see anything that spells Doom with regards to his MM’s and thankfully WBC have accepted them all. It won’t help us with Existing Approvals – But it sure as hell should with any New Speculative developments in the Borough. Slightly surpirsed about the Milford Golf Course – But heyho if Mr Fort is OK with it… then so am I!

    Hopefully it will help with the awful application for 162 on Knowle Lane
    “Happy of Alfold”

    1. Sorry @Denise Wordsworth it does nothing to assist in fighting speculative applications. The Council has a worsening housing land supply and already included all the sites in LPP2 in its assessment. In terms of Milford Golf Course, the Inspector said it might come forward in the plan period, but that is up to 2032 so no help anytime soon…

      1. Of course, you are right. But when are all those developers sitting on sites, keeping them warm, going to achieve their development ambitions? Read today’s post to see who is to blame for the current shortfall in the 5 year housing land supply.

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