Farnham infrastructure plan

A Farnham Resident’s view of the town’s Infrastructure Plan.

The Waverley Web wonders how many residents of Farnham have read the attached document.


Because we have, and it’s puzzled us as we and others have listened to many Zoom meetings over the last sixteen months on the subject.
There is often some dislocation when ideas have to be sieved into more practical actions.
In this case, we are being treated to all the evils and woes followed by a panoply of radical solutions that might work.
You introduce a private bus company to reduce its fares while increasing its services to make travel for children free; electrify; and perhaps run a service after six in the evening and on Sundays, to a timetable.
Building many bus shelters and stops that the ever-so-private residents won’t like or want. Unless there is a regime in power that controls the use of cars. Which isn’t going to happen. 
Advising business and delivery firms that a central hub facility will be easier than the present system sounds fine until you consider the scale and scope, plus the weather and the moving to and from. Nobody is going to appreciate such a suggestion. How do you carry heavy parcels on the bus?
A 20mph area! You would be fortunate to do 20mph in central Farnham today – let alone ten years after thousands of new homes have been built!
A new footbridge to the station is an excellent suggestion, and a rebuild of Firgrove Bridge makes perfect sense, but we didn’t need a costly report to tell us what we already knew.
The impact of central Farnham on its outskirts is perhaps the biggest and most pressing, and the report is helpful. Upper Hale cannot continue to suffer as it does now. Likewise, all the other candidates discussed for fifty years appear. Again. The report merely reminds us of facts we all knew that were never sorted.
Meanwhile, the reason for going to Farnham is about to reduce further. For its noteworthy that all schemes work around it; Brightwells. Will the businesses using the copious new retail space provide electric bus services seven days a week to entice people to their stores? For a start, how many businesses are actually signed up? And those that have. How are they going to reduce their carbon footprint?
Give us a seven-day week bus service, bus shelters, and frequent services.
That’s achievable, and the infrastructure is nearly there.
Put that in place first, then stop the car entirely in the town other than residents of the designated sector.
Get to grips with the money to assist in green traction and supplying the alternatives.
Otherwise, Farnham is finished. Because between the lines, that’s where we are heading.

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