Do the Tories really want to do away with Waverley’s swimming pools?

The residents of the eastern villages were out celebrating the news that ‘Your Waverley’ intends to spend £2m on architects to design its 20m flagship carbon-neutral Leisure Centre and swimming pool in Cranleigh, and then along comes…



Cllr Mulliner was speaking at a recent Waverley Council Overview & Scrutiny committee when he suggested that it was a relief that Waverley’s leisure centre had now gone down from five to four with the Edge in Haslemere being taken over by Surrey County Council and then made the stunning statement in the link above.

Do Waverley residents really want “hugely expensive” swimming pools?

8 thoughts on “Do the Tories really want to do away with Waverley’s swimming pools?”

  1. What happened to the community infrastructure levy funds ( estimated at £60 million for Cranleigh ), surely this should be spent on decent leisure facilities in Cranleigh. Don’t be daft that money has either not been forthcoming from the developers or has been salted away for some other daft Waverley misadventure

    1. Mike, a very good question, how do we get the answer, perhaps our Waverley councillors in Cranleigh could respond.

      1. WW understand there is a bit of confusion about the context in which Cllr Mulliner’s comments were made. Suffice it to say the subject under discussion was the future tendering of Leisure Centre Contracts, and after the clip, he said: I am sure this (swimming pools) will play an important part with those tendering for the future contracts.

    2. Unfortunately (as per usual) central government control the way CIL monies are used. WBC have a CIL board that sit in judgement for the “CIL Bids” made by interested parties for their pet infrastructure projects. So in reality, the money being allocated by the CIL Board’s approved bids is not guaranteed to provide the local infrastructure it was intended for. Because the whole bidding process is so confusing, WBC sits on a mountain of cash, as they fail to make the whole process more transparent. However Town Councils automatically receive between 15-25% of annual CIL funds. Here is a “helpful” explanation from Cranleigh Town Council:

      1. The WW wonders how you determine who received CIL monies and for what. We have searched the Waverley Borough Council website and can find everything about CIL except the required information. Navigating the website gets more complex every day that goes by.

      2. Lots of useful info on the drop down boxes on this page on the Waverley Towers website. Seems like WBC are sitting on £5.2m

  2. Where’s the rest of what he said.

    All parties whatever colour rosettes they wear are not in touch with reality. The millions spent on co footpaths and cycle paths are a waste of money, majority of cyclists do not use them and if they do they are inconsiderate. That’s why Waverley should be pushing the county to do away with them. Allowing the monies wasted to be spent on leisure facilities including the right to Access all waters doing away with the riparian ownership.

    1. We understand that the parish council of the day – some considerable time ago – decided on a footpath between Cranleigh and Ewhurst. The older generation of Ewhurst was astonished. Saying there was only one decent thing about Cranleigh, and that was the road that led to Ewhurst and believed the CIL monies used to link the two villages was a complete waste of money.

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