It’s Christmas!

Wishing all our followers and readers a Very Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year.

On the first, second, third and fourth days of Christmas ‘Your Waverley’ gave to me 

A great opportunity.

An empty calendar of meetings,

No long debates,

a host of webcast blanks

 and a much-needed yuletide holiday.

3 thoughts on “It’s Christmas!”

  1. Sometimes the Waverley Website Blanks come as a welcome break, to be savoured whilst summoning sufficient strength to continue watching?

  2. Thank you, it is appropriate to remember the hell some have suffered and to be thankful for their sacrifice, wishing you a peaceful Christmas.

  3. Well said WW we should remember and there are many others in 2022 who will have a truly Bleak Christmas.

    Wishing you and The Webbers a Very Happy/Merry Festive Season, and just to show I am not always the Grinch from Alfold – I would Like to Thank Surrey Highways for replacing the Alford Sign for the Alfold Sign and giving us back our GIVEWAY Sign at The Crossways.


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