The death of a Tory has prompted another by-election in Waverley.

Chiddingfold & Dunsfold Borough Ward By-election Thursday 1 December 2022

A by-election has now been called to fill the vacancy, in true blue Chiddingfold & Dunsfold, following the death of Cllr John Gray, by two registered electors from within the Borough.

If contested, the by-election will take place on Thursday 1 December 2022.

Publication of Notice of ElectionThursday 27 October 2022
Publication of first interim election notice of alterationFriday 4 November 2022
Receipt of Nominations4:00pm Friday 4 November 2022
Withdrawal of Candidate4:00pm Friday 4 November 2022
Appointment of Election Agents4:00pm Friday 4 November 2022
Publication of Notice of Election Agents4:00pm Friday 4 November 2022
Publication of Statements of Persons Nominated4:00pm Monday 7 November 2022
Publication of second interim election notice of alterationTuesday 15 November 2022
Last Date for RegistrationTuesday 15 November 2022
Receipt of Postal Vote Applications5:00pm Wednesday 16 November 2022
Publication of Notice of PollWednesday 23 November 2022
Receipt of Proxy Vote Applications5:00pm Wednesday 23 November 2022
Publication of final election notice of alterationThursday 24 November 2022
Appointment of Poll and Count AgentsThursday 24 November 2022
First Day to Issue Replacement Lost Postal Ballot PapersFriday 25 November 2022
Day of Poll7:00am to 10:00pm Thursday 1 December 2022
Receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote Applications5:00pm Thursday 1 December 2022
Last Day to Issue Replacement Postal Ballot Papers5:00pm Thursday 1 December 2022
Return of Election Expenses Thursday 5 January 2022


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