What is Waverley’s cunning plan for the Rowleys Centre in Cranleigh?

‘Rowleys Roof £85k – To be approved in principle – to be reviewed as part of a wider development project for the site.

The above statement appeared in September on Waverley’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee Papers. However, it wasn’t debated or commented upon by officers or councillors. However, the statement above was included in the council’s future works programme.

The wording does sound a little ominous. The wording sounds ominous considering future funding issues now faced by the cash-strapped Cranleigh Older People’s Centre.

The Clockhouse Centre, privately owned and managed by a group of Milford Trustees, has now been flogged off to the very plumply sponsored Age UK Surrey organisation. We wonder if Age UK Surrey is running takeover bids for all Waverley older people’s centres.

Or, perhaps the Bury’s Regeneration Programme includes moving some of ‘Your Waverley staff into Cranleigh? After all, hasn’t ‘Waverley’ been after the Cranleigh day centre premises for years? Although the charity leases the property, and it was built with donated funds, Waverley owns the land in Victoria Road upon which it stands. If the business/charity fails the land and property will, we understand, fall into Waverley Borough Council’s ownership.

Will yet another public building in Cranleigh, bite the dust?

 So what’s up ‘Your Waverley’s sleeve for Rowleys? 

Watch this space.

Waverley’s older people’s centres facing an uncertain future?

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