No one for Tennis in Alfold and bins on fire in Cranleigh as the temperature rises.

No doubt everyone will remember all those warnings about NOT, most definitely NOT using disposal barbecues during the heat wave.

Obviously, some idiots weren’t listening in the village dubbed by Waverley councillors as “Poor Old Awfold.” Because someone threw a disposal Barbecue into the bin at Alfold Tennis Club this week, and now …


‘Your Waverley’ is  urging everyone to watch what they put in their bins

The  Council has issued a plea to residents to ensure they properly dispose of any hazardous waste after an incident involving a bin lorry in the Cranleigh area this week.

Investigations are currently taking place but the issue is thought to have been caused by a resident putting a gas canister or other flammable material in their bin which caused an explosion. As a result of the incident, a crew member suffered injuries, the bin truck was damaged and there were a number of properties in the Cranleigh/Bramley area whose bin collections were delayed.

Councillor Steve Williams, Portfolio Holder for Environment at Waverley Borough Council, said:

“Our thoughts are with the crew member affected yesterday who we understand is recovering well. However, we are very lucky this was not far more serious. Our bin contractor is currently looking into what happened but it seems likely that some kind of hazardous material was put out in a resident’s bin.

“Could we please remind residents to be vigilant when disposing of household waste and make sure that items such as batteries, gas canisters or hazardous materials such as liquid paint are disposed of safely and not in their bins. Also, anybody taking advantage of longer, sunnier days to have work done on their home, please make sure that tradespeople take all waste away for correct disposal and they do not leave it in household bins. All of this will help keep our bin crews safe and our bin collections running on time.”

So what can’t go in your general rubbish bins?

  • Batteries, especially lithium batteries
  • Electrical items, especially large electrical items
  • Liquid paint, asbestos and hazardous waste
  • Gas Canisters
  • Trade Waste

Another heat wave looms with the Met Office issuing a four-day ‘amber’ warning for intense heat between Thursday and Sunday affecting Surrey and Hampshire.

Temperatures are expected to peak between Friday and Saturday as forecasters predict 35C in some places – albeit lower than record temperatures last month which peaked at more than 40C in some areas.

Temperatures are also expected to persist overnight, especially in closely-packed urban areas.

It is anticipated that those vulnerable to the heat will suffer from adverse health effects such as sunburn and heat exhaustion and that the wider population is also likely to be affected.

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